Thursday, December 18, 2014

Flashback Thursday; Christmas In The 1980's

Continuing our flashback to the 1980's I am wandering back through my childhood and Christmas.  In the 80's I was an older child; I was ten when good ole President Carter was in office so I wasn't receiving many toys any more.  It was a time to grow up and enjoy watching my younger sister open up her gifts.  While I totally understood what that meant and that she was the baby (about 5 years old at that time) I secretly wanted what she got.  So here is my secret list to Santa... shhhhh don't tell anyone I would be so embarrassed! LOL

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Flashback Thursday: Christmas In The 1980's

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Vintage Fisher Price Nursery Little Riders Riding Toy from 1980's Little People Horse Airplane Wagon
Get Along Gang Doll-1980s Vintage with Original Box  (Holiday Birthday Sale)
Smurfs Quack beer headstand doctor tongue out 1980s 80s 70s toys
Poochie Dog Lacing Cards 1980s Toy Unopened cute animal pictures
1980s vintage "Fraggle Rock" Gobo figurine toy
1980's Mcdonalds Toys
Vintage Cabbage Patch Doll
Set of 6!  Retro Smurfs Toys, Smurf Figurines, Vintage Smurfs, 1980s Smurfs, Original Smurf Toys, Set of Smurf Toys, 1980s Toys, 80s Toys
Living Room Rug for Strawberry Shortcake Vintage Berry Happy Home Dollhouse, Red with White Flowers
Vintage PENNY POPPLE plush stuffed Animal BANK 1980s toys
3 Vintage 1980s Rubik's Cubes Ideal Toy Mind Game Puzzles Pocket Game
Vintage 1980's Retro Plastic Yellow Care Bear Toy Figure
Vintage 1980's Pogo Ball Pogo Bal Lolo Hasbro Classic Toy bouncy ball pogo stick pogoball Hopper ball
Strawberry Shortcake Vintage 1980s frame tray puzzle kid toy children game play collectible nostalgia cool cartoon
Rainbow Brite Blue Champ Brite / Vintage 1980s Mattel Unisex Doll Toy
Teddy Ruxpins best friend Grubby animated from Worlds Of Wonder 1980s toy

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Unknown said...

Ah, so many cute 80s toys. I love the SSC picture of Flitterbit & Strawberry Shortcake. Toys are my weakness and were on my list to Santa this year too. Jenn- Jenns Hidden Jems @Etsy

Anonymous said...

Such a fun collection of toys, I would still be happy getting any of these! :)

Thanks for the feature.

~ rose