Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Fine Feathered Friends

While living in Wisconsin I had a bird garden that I absolutely loved.  I planted flowers that would attract birds and butterflies in my front yard and had many bird feeders and homes.  It was a labor of love and something that I found so completely relaxing and my way of creating some peace.

Unfortunately life has a way of throwing curve balls and I had to move away from my beautiful gardens.  While my traveling has made having any kind of garden, let alone a bird garden, has been next to impossible I had always wanted to start setting up bird feeders again so I could watch my birds.  It is such good stress relief for me and finally after several years of waiting my hubby has set up a few for me.

The fun part is that here in the Palm Springs area there are tons of hummingbirds all year round.  They flit past you as often as bugs do so having hummingbird feeders really pays off.  Here are a few of my most recent shots from my fine feathered friends.

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