Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pictures Say A Thousand Words on Networking Saturday

Pictures Say A Thousand Words, What do Yours Say? One of my shops is filled with postcards, another Digitals so I have it easy and my images are simple.  But when it comes to my vintage books, handmade gift tags etc.  I struggle; pictures with a background or pictures on plain white or black?  I have seen many pictures with a beautifully staged background to match the item but I also see very striking and professional images where the item is on a white background.
So my question of the day is, How do you take your pictures? with a background? without? on black? on white? etc.

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ShadowDogDesigns said...

White - definitely white with maybe just a bit of color in a corner or across the top on some so it is not so stark. On so many pics that are staged with a bunch of stuff, I get lost in looking at the stuff instead of the item. I want my items to be front and center. Plus research shows that people more often buy something displayed on a white background as opposed to a colored background for a host of reasons.