Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pinterest Party; You Pin Us We Pin You!

Pinterest Party

Pinterest can generate a lot of traffic to your site fast, it has become a key in self promotion and showing off your products.  By having others repin and "like" your pins it moves yours towards that top bracket (where we all want to be!)

For this to be successful there will be some rules and instructions. Please note we are using InLinkz for our pins to promote, click, like and repin, makes it sooo much easier :)
Pinterest Party Rules

Please post this button to your blog to spread the word :)

Pinterest Party

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ShadowDogDesigns said...

Thank you, Colleen. I ended up pinning the snowmen earrings from my shop because Pinterest only loaded 1/2 of the photo, no matter what boards I tried to share from. Maybe you can get it to load fully? Or you can delete it and I'll try something else.

Am caught up.

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Good morning, I'm at work right now but I am sure I can fix it when I get home. Thanks for joining in everyone

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Thanks, Colleen. Why don't you just delete it and I'll add something else.

Caught up to #23.

NancysKnots&Lace said...

Caught up to 23

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Good morning,
I fixed the link for the Snowman Earrings so please make sure to like that pin and repin.

I also removed the 2 that were not pins I had contacted the shop yesterday maybe they will come back and link up some pins today. Everyone is so busy :)

I am caught up to #21 (sorry for those that posted they were caught up to 23) changed the # when I deleted those 2.

Have a blessed day

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Thank you for fixing the snowmen earrings, Colleen. Must have been a glitch in Pinterest yesterday for that particular listing. Appreciate this weekly link up!

Butterfly In The Attic said...

updated the two posts 22 and 23 to have a pinterest links if you missed those please click on them :)

Thanks again for all who joined

I'm caught up to #26

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Good morning,
Thank you for participating in the Pinterest Party
If you have missed anyone you have until the end of the day to finish up

Emails or convoes have been sent to those who have not followed the rules
Hopefully they will be back to finish up otherwise I will block them.

I hate to do it but it really isn't fair to those that have finished the board if I don't

Have a very blessed day