Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Members Of The Pacific Postcards Team - Series 107

Greetings from the Meet and Greet for the Pacific Postcards Team and our new format.  First section will be dedicated to those members that have never been featured before.  The second section will be a treasury of the new and previously featured members and best of all the Third section will be an opportunity for anyone that is crazy for ephemera to linkup their favorite cards, pages (ads, books, etc.,) digitals and anything that would qualify as ephemera.  Family Friendly only!

But first before you meet some of the members of the Pacific Postcards Team, I would like to extend an invitation for you to join the team.  Whether you buy, sell, collect, or just admire ephemera you will find this team a fun way to show off what you are selling or find out information about postcards.  It covers such a wide range of topics and types of shops that there is something for everyone.

The Pacific Postcards Team is a great team that had start simply as an Etsy Team but has branched out into  G+FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.  We would love for you to join are team and help promote New Artistically designed or reproduced postcards, collecting vintage and antique postcards, creating digital art, and anything to do with ephemera and vintage imagery.



Christmas Postcard, Santa Peeking in Window, Clapsaddle Illustration, 1909
Christmas Postcard, Santa Peeking in Window, Clapsaddle Illustration, 1909

"I enjoy imagining the history behind each vintage photograph, especially those of children and wedding couples. I like to think about what their life might have been like in those past days, and hopefully whether they had a long and happy life or a struggle to make ends meet. The sheet music also brings me stories of the past, some romantic and some just plain silly. It's interesting to learn why people collect the things they do - whether it's something to add to a special collection (I myself like to collect postcards that show people knitting), or a reminder of a special time or place in their life. I like to know that the people who buy these items from me are giving them a second life.

I also have another shop on Etsy, called LinenCottonWool, featuring mostly vintage linens, another way to preserve a past way of life." ~Sherill



Arrow With Heart Lined Note Paper
Arrow With Heart Lined Note Paper

"i make one-of-a-kind cards by hand so you don't have to! these cards will be kept by your loved ones forever." ~Annie

Meet the Members of the Pacific Postcards Team

If you are interested in joining this team go to: https://www.etsy.com/teams/9158/pacific-postcards-team
Christmas Postcard, Santa Peeking in Window, Clapsaddle Illustration, 1909
Arrow With Heart Lined Note Paper Inserts/Refills for Planner. Pink, Mint Green, Gold Inserts/Refills. Filofax Personal Kikki K Medium.
Flower Girl -  June - 1905 - Antique Postcard
1884 Standard Natural History Mammals. Aptenodytes longirostris. king penguin - Vintage Book Print
Christmas, Salt & Pepper, Decoration, 1950s Christmas, 1960s Christmas, Made in Japan, shakers, MIJ, Santa shaker, Santa Claus, shiny bright
CHRISTMAS CARD - post card, postcard, paper ephemera, postcards, post cards, holiday and seasonal card, thank you card
Variety Set of 10 Animal Postcards
Gift for Best Friend- Photo Mosaic Collage from hearts
Christian Art, Catholic Art, St. Christopher, Patron of Travellers, New Mexico Santo, Retablo, Icon, Religious Art, Christian Art
Set of Five Deer Wood Stickers -- Woodland Animal Laser Cut -- Scrapbooking Supplies
2 lovely vintage christmas card with dolls with candles, retro christmas prints, home decoration
4x6 inch Lined Note Cards Printable DIY - 2 Designs - Black & White  -  INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Item 154C
Llittle boys in top hats, holiday print ad, mischievous boys, Polaroid Land Camera, ad, prints to frame, cute kids, Dickens
Prayer books and Holy Pictures lot, Christian ephemera, St Therese de l'Enfant Jesus, STations of the Cross, Mother & Child
Vintage Christmas Twin Candle with Holly Brooch Pin
Vintage Christmas Card, Holly with a Spritz of Hand Applied Glitter, ca. 1950s

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