Thursday, February 11, 2016

Gamer; On Flashback Thursday

Growing up in the 70/80's was an amazing experience; so much technology dawned during that period.  And as soon as the first computer was mainstreamed I was hooked!  My parents never found value in video games or computers but as a kid you have friends... and those friends have parents... and those parents have .... VIDEO GAMES!

It was probably a bad sign when I was hooked on the stupid ski game of an old Texas Instrument.  I also loved the fact that you could type some code in and the entire screen would fill with your phrase and scroll it over and over again.  So you can imagine how happy my friend's dad was to find the computer scrolling over and over again; Colleen and ________  or Mrs Colleen __________ (fill in the blank) I had a lot of serious crushes at that time.
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My passion for games moved to the big quarter fed Pac-man, Centipede, Astroids... But since I was 10 years at that time there wasn't enough money to feed that monster so Atari was my next love.  Then there was Nintendo... Oh Nintendo how I loved thee.  I do feel very guilty that I had such a strong addiction that my friends could be completely tuned out in their own home.  I always found it strange that the rest of them didn't become so crazy for these glowing beacons but alas it was my addiction and mine alone.
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Even as an adult I still love my video games and if I had my way there would be a giant Pac-man game sitting in my living-room right now but  I do have much better control.  So for my game addicted son (apple doesn't fall far from the tree) I say "I understand son" and "embrace it don't fight it."  Note we are both very gainfully employed and can focus on family, but man do we love our games :)
I didn't have a picture of anyone playing video games
but this one of Ashley 3 and Jr 1 is just too cute to pass up :)

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