Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What time is it by you?

What time is it by you?  Even if you have family in other time zone you tend to forget that it maybe earlier (or later) for that person.  During one of my super early mornings a light bulb went on.  I suddenly realized that all those tweets I sent at 1:00 pm PT (thinking that I am hitting the optimal time) was really 4:00 pm ET.  Which time zone should I pick?  

Since I can't split my tweets to fire differently by zone I decided to pick the one with the highest population.  So I have done a little research and adjusted my timing :)
US Population by time zone
Time zone and Percent
Eastern: 47.0%
Central: 32.9%
Mountain: 5.4%
Pacific: 14.1%
Alaska and Hawaii: 0.6%

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