Thursday, November 10, 2016

Etsy & Small Business Search-party for Sales Linkup

Since we seem to be missing several people due to their work schedule, school etc.  I have decided to extend the number of days we have the Search Party open.  New end is midnight Saturday (PM) and all must be searched and "liked" by Noon Sunday.

Etsy and small businesses searching for sales using the Small Business Search-Party Linkup.
It is becoming increasingly challenging to not only get sales from sites like Etsy but to even get promoted.  A while back parties that would "like" your item if you "liked" theirs worked well. It increased your items visibility in general and increased the popularity of your item in the eye of Etsy thus increasing your rank.  But that again has changed and is no longer an effective use of time.

What Etsy and other similar sites are tracking now are how frequently an item or shop is searched for then "liked."

This sales search party will be patterned after our Twitter Tree format.  In order for the linkup to be effective participants must follow the instructions in detail.  There are only a few rules:
  1. All Participants must Search and Like (or equivalent depending on the site) all other participants' items & shop
  2. Limited to 1 shop link and 3 item links
  3. Post Short Links for your items only (if you are not sure what this means use my links as an example)
  4. While I would love to have an actual linkup to post pictures I am not going to.  I am afraid that if I should people will click on those instead of searching.
  5. Once the page comes up you must stay on it for a minimum of 20 - 30 seconds. (if it is less it will not count)
  6. The Search Party ends at Midnight Saturday (PM) and all items/shops must be searched and "liked" before Noon Sunday.
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