Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Pinterest Party

Let's Pinterest Party!
Pinterest Party
Pinterest can generate a lot of traffic to your site fast, it has become a key in self promotion and showing off your products.  By having others repin and "like" your pins it moves yours towards that top bracket (where we all want to be!)

For this to be successful there will be some rules and instructions. Please note we are using InLinkz for our pins to promote, click, and repin, makes it sooo much easier :)
Pinterest party example

Easy Tweet: Please post this button to your blog to spread the word :)
grab button for Pinterest Party At ButterflyInTheAttic
<div class="pinterest-party-at-butterflyintheattic-button" style="width: 300px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href="http://www.ButterflyInTheAttic.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> <img src="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEhNhT6tROKMoVVsvrJwpDB0j8WtC0paCQZDe8-PPgR5sKWrf7s49fEo2CYZ0hzU1XSvs8T6MFSp6N-0wv_MVafZVCtUFqplQx3ymbiIhj4xUyCD5go-NpvSB6-yMapIYxytJzz1WsS5VaWF/s320/Pinterest+Party.png" alt="Pinterest Party At ButterflyInTheAttic" width="300" height="150" /> </a> </div>


Butterfly In The Attic said...

Using a new linky app and it seems that it will not pull pictures from Pinterest. For this week please use your microsoft scissors to grab and save the pic you want or use your already saved image.

Going forward We could change the Pinterest Party a bit by posting the actual item link and just pinning everyone from their actual item.

I will need to redesign some of our images but if my usual participants like the change I will be happy to do that
Please let me know your preference

ShadowDogDesigns said...

I like the idea to pin form the actual item - get more backlinks that way.

Not only can we not pull pics from Pinterest, this app is so darn slow to use.

Thanks for hosting, Coleen.

Pinned here: https://www.pinterest.com/shadowdog/pinterest-party/

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Hi Catherine,
Do you think that it is more that it is slow because of having to save the picture first or that it is much slower? I guess I didn't notice that it was much slower but I was experimenting and trying to set it up. But it certainly could be. I like the look of it much better.

Also do you have a different app you were thinking of I am up to experimenting with others I am using this one on a trial first

I am definitely think of switching to items regardless of which app we use

pinned through #6 to https://www.pinterest.com/butterflysattic/a-network-among-friends/


ShadowDogDesigns said...

There just seems to be several more steps to post an item than with InLinkz. I do like the look of it better, except for the Like? thingy under the pics. It integrates better with the blog than the new Inlinkz. You might want to contact Jacki and Julie - they are much more knowledgeable about them than I am. Too bad that InLinkz had to change their look so dramatically.

Wonder if a bunch of users emailed them about the new look, if they would consider changing it to look better on blogs?

Butterfly In The Attic said...

I actually added the like just to see what it does but it isn't mandatory so I can just not include that option.

I mentioned it to Jacki but haven't received much response yet. I know she is super busy. I am sure Julie and her will have something to share soon and before this trial expires. :)

Thanks so much for the input it helps