Thursday, May 16, 2019

Postcard Memories - Edwardian Period

I love looking at old Edwardian period postcards.  It amazes me when I see the ladies in full and elaborate dresses, hiking, swimming etc.  I would have burst into flames or tripped and killed myself in one of those gowns.  Have to admire these tough ladies.

I now have quite a collection and many listed at  PostcardsInTheAttic on HipPostcards

Here are a few from different periods including my own Digital Art Creation!
Vintage Postcard, Trummelbach Falls at Laterbrunnen's in Zurich Switzerland
Copenhagen Denmark Frederiksberg Park pre 1907 Undivided Back Postcard Vintage
Rotton Row Hyde Park London Real Photograph Street Scene Horse and Buggies
Proper Lady with Gentleman Beautiful Green Edwardian Dress with Parasol Postcard
The New Post Office Los Angeles California 1910 Period Clothes Horse and Buggy
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Remembering Snailmail!

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