Wednesday, December 13, 2023

#Art and #Photography on Humpday Promotions

It has been awhile since I have posted art on my sites (a long while.)  I am not sure if other artists have been feeling the AI sting but it made me feel like why bother.  So many people are telling a computer what they want to see, AI generates it and then they post it as "their art".  I sketch, paint, digitally accent, and take all my own photography by hand, each piece taking anywhere from a day to weeks to create. And worse AI has made it very easy for people to just grab up my art and sell it as their own (they even keep my signature on it) So I was feeling very discouraged.  But I create art for me and it is part of who I am so I decided to suck it up and post again. 

I tell you this so that you know that the art I create is my own human talents and I do not use AI.  If that matters or not I don't know but I am happy to share some new listings this week and I really hope you love them.

Buying or Promoting my shop helps me, a small artist, trying to get my name and designs out into the main stream.  So if love these designs, show the love!!  Please Favorite, Tweet, Like on FB, Pin and/or Comment. (Make sure to @ButterflysAttic when you do) This will help move my work to the top of these sites.  I would Soooo Appreciate it my friends~ hugs

From Arizona:

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