Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aromatherapy Thursday - Orange

During this time of year the lovely orange blossoms have faded away and little oranges are slowly developing.  According to the Sunkist Website some oranges will mature as early as 5 months while some oranges will take an astonishing 18 months fully mature.  This wonderful fruit is used so frequently in our lives that we may not even realize how much oranges, and in general citrus, we consume or use.   Not only do we eat bushels of oranges as fresh fruit but we consume products that use it for flavoring and as a natural preservative.  We also use many household products that utilize the heavenly scent to clean and fragrance our homes.  It can be found as notes in perfume, shampoo, and other personal products.
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While there are too many types of oranges to mention in this blog, two that are commonly used in aromatherapy are simply called Bitter Orange and Sweet Orange.  Bitter Orange comes from a tree that is named the same.  It is very similar looking to other oranges but the fruit is too sour to eat whole and mostly grown for flavoring and the fragrant peel. The oil comes from cold pressing the peel and has a slight grapefruit scent, these characteristics gives it the name Bitter Orange.
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Sweet Orange oil is also produced from the peel of that fruit and a cold press process.  The difference is that Sweet Orange oil comes from an edible fruit which is why it is deemed sweet.   There are some subtle differences other than just the grapefruit like tone in Bitter Orange but overall in aromatherapy they can be used pretty interchangeably and will be based more on personal preferences.

Both Orange oils are very prized and inexpensive additions to your aromatherapy collection.  The fragrance is up lifting and can help relieve some people from symptoms of depression.  The invigorating scent can help you feel refreshed when struggling with emotional and physical fatigue.  It is said to help calm the nerves and raise your spirit, overall a very invigorating aroma.  It is also used in products because of its know antiseptic properties. 

Here are some fun products that use either Bitter Orange or Sweet Orange essential oils in their making:

The essential oil from citrus peels can cause photosensitivity so you should avoid sunlight if you have just recently used a massage oil or product that has the oil in it or at least be aware that you may be more inclined to burn.  It will, of course, depend on your skin type and the strength or the oils that you use.  Some people may fine they are highly sensitive while others may not have any issues at all.
Never use any essential oil (except lavender) neat on your skin; always mix with a carrier oil.

Please note that you should always consult your physician prior to using essential oils if you have any medical conditions.  Also note that aromatherapy should never take the place of medical treatment, physically and mentally.  Always do an allergy check prior to use.

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