Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Working Hard Together on Wednesday - My Teams

I belong to many many teams and guilds between all of my shops and because I have my own team I can really appreciate the effort that many of them put forth to help others.  Promoting each other is so important when you are a small business because it is so easy to be overshadowed by the big commercial stores.  It is through the combined efforts of small shops that will get us noticed and help our businesses thrive.  So thank you to those that manage and lead these teams.

One very active team (Guild on Artfire) that I am involved in is called the ArtFire Crazy Train

Here is a little about the Guild from their information board:


1.It is to promote each other studios during two days, the studio promoted is called the RIDER.

2.Members will use different methods of promotions such as submit item to VoteHandmade, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, My Space, Youtube, emailing information to friends and family, and more.
3.To learn that thru promoting others we will promote ourselves what is very important to be know in the world of Online.

4.Provide a place where people with same goals can gather to talk about how to improve their business, share knowledge, have a platform to provide suggestion, learn and teach each other how to sell online, promoting, using different tools and methods

5. Have Fun
Our current featured member (Rider) is The Gypsy Cottage.   She can also be found on Facebook at:, Twitter at:, and her blog:
I hope you enjoy and check out her shop.  If you would like to join this Guild please click on this link ArtFire Crazy Train.

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