Sunday, September 15, 2013

Inspirational Sunday Party; Hi-ho, Silver, away

Inspiration can come from Reminiscing:
A perfect example of succesful marketing to kids.  This was my favorite gum, not because of the actual gum but because of the commercials.  I hated the gum it tasted like lemon flavored paste LOL
This great flash-back was posted on FB by
Remember the Lone Range?  I loved my adventure shows when I was really little.  I always wanted to be the Hero, it didn't matter that they were boys; I made my family call me Tarzan for a year before switching to Superman. Another great memory posted on FB by

"My mother calls me 'Colleen' But YOU can call me the LONE RANGER!" "Hi-ho, Silver, away!"

So now it is your turn. What has inspired you this week?

There is a few rules before you link up (but not many.)  Please help promote since that will make this so much more fun!
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Inspirational Sunday

3. Check out at least 2 other posts, follow if they are new to you, comment, etc.
4. Post something that you found inspirational this week, it can be from your blog or it can even be a project or even a piece of art you created for your shop. But do not link your main page or shop home page.
6. Limit 2 Blog posts and 1 Shop post
7. Have fun and get inspired

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