Monday, October 14, 2013

New Members Of The Pacific Postcards Team - Series 46

Don't forget to watch for our Postcard Party Link Up tomorrow right here on ButterflyInTheAttic.  We will start early tomorrow morning and be open through the week.  A great way to show off 3 of your favorites every week!  Here is the link to this last week's Postcard Party (It is still open until tomorrow if you want to link up!)
Postcard Lover's Tuesday
Now for today's new members:


"Introducing HOUSE OF RUBE on Etsy. 25 years of experience in antique and vintage merch. Huge collection - - so "If You're looking for variety and character...," Shop with the House of Rube. You won't be disappointed." ~Rube


Postcards, watercolors and accessories ...

Soizic Izzi


Antique Photography at a Great Price!!
Josh Harris
"We buy photos! Please contact us, we'd love to look at any of them! Welcome to Illusion Photography! We offer a vast selection of antique photographic items. These photographs come from as long ago as almost a hundred and fifty years! Please, browse through our huge selection to just enjoy the photographs, or if you find something you have to have. Contact us if you have any questions at all! And yes, we do ship internationally!

Please Check out our Ebay Profile for more interesting photographs and antiques." ~Josh Harris


Cathy Chhetri
"You can read all about me in my profile at my other shop on Etsy, gogokittenart......
...I am a self taught artist...My work has been exhibited and is in private collections throughout the United States and the United Kingdom....I do mostly black ink drawings but when I want a break from drawing I like to make art from the piles of found junk that I have collected over the years....You can see my art on my website at
Go look.....If you want to............

All my art, drawings and photographs are copyrighted by me...I retain the copyright to all my art...It is not transfered with sale....
That was all way too serious...
I have been reading profiles and people are saying how their kids, husbands and pets are all so great..Really???..Truthfully???? I have four children...One is good and the other three are just awful...They'll probably try to sue me for saying that....I'm on my third husband..He goes back and lives in England whenever he feels like it so that's a real treat....He is not my other half, my better half nor my best friend...My pets are all dead, except for this very ugly and dull fish who lives in his bowl on the kitchen counter and does absolutely nothing except ignore us.....

I love doing my art and eating bacon...I believe bacon should be at the top of the food pyramid....I love pork products......
I love junk.....Anything rusted, especially rusted pieces of metal,tin cans,bottle caps,broken toys,scraps of wood....Junk things found on the street are my favorite....I

I also really love doll heads...I have a huge collection of them...They seem to scare my kids and the neighbors.....They say they worry about me......Good.....
I don't like cowls.......I don't like squirrels......I don't like fingerless gloves......I don't like my neighbors......
I think Wales is the most beautiful place on the planet......I love Wales and anything Welsh.....I think of Wales, as often, if not more often, than I think about eating bacon.....
I will ship almost anywhere, except Canada, even though it says somewhere on here that I will mail to the US only....E-mail me for shipping charges before you buy something, not that much buying is happening in my shop......
I have two other shops on Etsy.....chipandegg and victoriasponge.........." ~ VictoriaSponge a.k.a Cathy Chhetri

********************************************************************************** We have expanded our Pacific Postcards Team past the confines of Etsy. You can now join in the fun even if you don't have an Etsy account by joining the Pacific Postcards Team on G+ . Another great way to share our passion for postcards. I have not built a button for this yet so here is the link to our new community. If you know anyone that is in love with postcards and ephemera please pass this link onto them. Go to

The only difference in the memberships is that the latter will be included in shop
interviews, BNRs and postcard related activities. We also plan on having activities for
the general memberships. Hope to see you there soon.
Please remember that we have our very own Postcard Forum for any questions about specific postcards, collecting, creating, basically anything and everything about postcards. Finally found a rare card for your collection? Use the forum to show off that new found treasure.

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