Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wait A Minute Mister Postman; Postcard Party 3

While linen postcards are not always the collectors choice I absolutely love them. They became mainstreamed around the 30's and 40's and are easily picked out of the lineup with their vivid colors and interesting texture.  I have always collected linen postcards and as a kid could never understand why people were telling me that they were not worth adding to my hoard.  The brilliant colors and sensational images (often of giant fish or fruit on some kind of vehicle) lead me away on many wonderful day dreams.

There must be many collectors that share that whimsical nostalgia that I feel for these postcards because they are now gaining popularity.  Curt Teich has become very well known for their easy to follow dating system and because they printed thousands if not millions of these cards. 

One of favorites categories are the night scenes.  I love all night scenes postcards but especially the linen.  The over saturated colors of the linen postcards made the scenes absolutely pop.  The moon seems to glow and in many the shadows cast by the moonlight haunt the card eerily.

Here a couple from my collection that are my favorite!
Now it is your turn to share your favorites: I would love to have you join my Postcard Lover's Linkup Party!  Want to show off your prize postcards? Then Link up below...

There are a few rules before you link up (but not many.) Please help promote since that will make this so much more fun!
Most important: Must be Family Friendly
1. Follow my blog via GFC, Bloglovin, or Network. If you are new please leave a comment so I can follow you back.
2. Grab the button and post it on your blog. Either on your blog or a specific post (if you do not have a blog you are excused from this step.)

Postcard Lover's Tuesday

3. Post from your Blog, Shop, Website, basically anywhere that you can link from.
4. Post your favorite Vintage Postcard, Handmade Postcard, Art made from old Postcards, Digital Art from Postcards... You get the picture ;)
6. Limit 3 Post per person per party (usually weekly)
7. Have fun and enjoy the
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Christie Cottage said...

Thanks Colleen!

I tweeted the inlinkz tweet and tweeted the post separately!

Would love to sell those I posted!

Will promote the link more this weekend.


Christie Cottage said...

I tweeted the link again this morning


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

I love linen postcards too, Colleen, and so my items for the Linky Party this week were made with them!

Blogged about the Linky Party and the BNS here:

Thank you!!