Saturday, March 8, 2014

Networking Saturday; Link Your Shop or Blog 3

Just a quick update on the power of networking.  I spoke last week about how Julie's, Blue Morning Expressions, Mother's Day Countdown was a very important networking oportunity.  The statistic I had posted were from her Christmas Countdown but today I have some exciting new data to share from last weeks Countdown:
Pretty impressive!

So please stop by her Mother's Day Countdown Today and get your own Peak!

If you have any great networking oportunities you would like me to feature please contact me directly at ButterflyInTheAttic at yahoo dot com or post the information in the comments section.  I will add it to next week's post.  Also don't forget to link it up below!

Now it is your turn to join me in networking!  Post any of your family friendly sites (blogs, shops, FB, etc.)  What ever sites you would like to share. 

Please help promote this post using your social networks.  Here is an easy one:


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Happy Saturday to you, Colleen!
I'm happy to be back here again today! Thank you so much for organizing this great networking opportunity! I'll be back to promote more this afternoon!

Wishing you a great day!


ShadowDogDesigns said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share some links, Colleen. Will share on various social media sites (:

Julie l. Cleveland said...

This is amazing, Colleen!

Here is the traffic we got last week:

+4 google share

47 Comment count

470 View count


Our Christmas posts hit over 500 views at our peak weeks of 7,8,9

Here is our midweek post for last week
+2 google

18 Comment count

117 View count


These counts go up the longer we are active because people go back to previous posts as others start posting their blog posts with links and more sharing sites start picking up the links.

Last year our MD countdown numbers were over 600 and our highest midweek blog post titled Oh Snail Spit and Drama hit 763 shares 23 comments - it was about the color purple in case you wondered :D

Those midweek posts contain at least one item from everyone who was in the weekend post, so it keeps going.

Julie l. Cleveland said...

Blu and I hugged and kissed everyone on the list! Thanks, Colleen for introducing us to a few folks we did not know!