Saturday, April 26, 2014

Networking Saturday; Free to Promote Your Shop, Social Sites, or Blog 9

Good morning Networking Friends, I am sorry to tell you that our guest blogger had an emergency this week so was not able to put together a post but I am hoping that she will be able to get one to me soon since I know so little about instagram.

I didn't have anything planned for today but I will make sure that I have a topic for next week (my appologies)  but it works out well since this is the last week to join Julie's Countdown to Mother's day.

It is hard to believe that Mother's Day is coming up so quickly but it is true and thus the end of another great countdown.  So I have included Julie's information about her countdown which will have the links you need to join in her link up.  I do encourage you to join me here and to join her's you will get double exposure today:)  

Countdown to Mother's Day Week 9

Well, here we are. The last week of our Countdown to Mother's Day 2014! It seems like it just started! Let's take this out with a bang! Don't forget! Buy something for your mom, grandmom, auntie, sister, mom-in-law or even your BFF!   

Don't sniff that it's over; it's only four more months until we start the Countdown to Christmas 2014!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Whether you sell on Artfire, Etsy, Zibbet or have your own stand alone website, we want to see your gift ideas! There will be a new collection started midday Friday from now until maybe the first weekend in May.

Invite your friends!!

Please limit the items you post to those in the spirit of Etsy, Artfire and Zibbet, and please keep it G-Rated. There is a 3 item limit for each shop or studio. No multiple shops for this promotion please and thanks. The ability to post will stay open from Friday until sometime Sunday night, which should provide a lot of time to add items.

There is ONE RULE - You must promote the collection either before or after the posting closes. If you have a blog, please hop this blog, and promote each item to one social network, preferably Pinterest or Wanelo where we can see the item. Twitter and Facebook are fine, they just do not show the item.

This collection will provide a lot of backlinks to your products and get your higher in searches on the search engines.
Midweek, I once again am planning an extra post for additional promotions. These extra posts are for further promotion if you wish to participate. I will be snooping around your shops and picking items that fit our weekly post. When I feature you in this additional post, I will send you a little email notice.
Happy Sales!
Julie and Blu
 PS - hashtag #bmecountdown for RTs if you are tweeting.
 *********** Having Trouble or Questions? ************ 
Blu and I are here to help :)

If you are having any trouble or need upload instructions, I have written a quick tutorial on the tutorial page. Here is the link 

If you have any great networking opportunities you would like me to feature please contact me directly at ButterflyInTheAttic at yahoo dot com or post the information in the comments section.  I will add it to next week's post. 

So now a little homework; think about some of the tools you really rely on, Please share in the comments.  Also if you are willing to be a guest blogger let me know I would love to have your take on networking and your expertise.

My homework:  of course to research some of my barriers for better developing G+, Pinterest, etc. Also I will be investigating and testing some more tools that will help me increase my traffic and sales.  And of course sharing this information with my wonderful followers

Now lets have some Networking Fun!!!


Post any of your family friendly sites (blogs, shops, FB, etc.)  What ever sites you would like to share. 

Please help promote this post using your social networks.  Here is an easy one:


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