Saturday, May 10, 2014

Networking Saturday; Free to Promote Your Shop, Social Sites, or Blog 11

The Psychology of Social Marketing; are we producing material on our platforms that are truly drawing customers to our shops or are we just fooling ourselves?

I was sieving the massive quantity of information on social marketing this morning trying to hit upon a topic that would be not only of interest but useful for this post.  Then I stumble onto a great graphic that showed the differences between how a person marketing online perceives social marketing and how actual people (consumers) are using it.  It just reinforced some of my earlier suspicions that in reality I am just deluding myself if I believe spending hours and hours on social networks will help me be successful in the eCommerce world.

Unfortunately I am sure that big businesses already know all this because they have people that do their research but for small shops, like myself, we are stuck learning through trial and error and doing our own footwork.  And one thing that I just realized about myself is that I must be careful that I do not get sucked into the abyss of social networking and into the trap of other more savvy social marketers.

Since I work many hours at my day job I often find myself exhausted in the evening.  Although I begin my evening with a set goal in mind I find that I will get lost in the sea of Facebook images, Tweets, etc. and before I know it my evening is over and I have virtually accomplished nothing but having a grand sense of guilt for wasting my time.  How do I get sucked in? Because the people who own the platforms and market better than me know the psychology behind effective social marketing.

Oops there I go again darn
short attention span
So first part of this series is simple, a warning to all my networking friends; Do Not Let Yourself Be Sucked Into The Abyss!!!  Make sure you are consciously surfing and continue to go back to the goal of why you were on there to begin with.  Designate a specific time for marketing and specific time for catching up with friends, because the latter is much more fun and if you are not careful your entire "marketing" time will be re-posting funny cat and dog pictures.  Go look at my FB Page I am ashamed, that is all I have to say.  Sadly 2 seconds there to grab my link and I got snagged by this weiner picture, bad habits take a long time to break... I am so weak.

The next few posts will be designated to teasing through this information and really looking at how we, as the little guy, can capture the attention of our target audience just as well as those that have $$$$ invested into their marketing.  The psychology behind why we get so captivated and how we are going to use this information to help us market to our new customers Psyche.  Who knew that I would have to study psychology to sell a postcard?  Until next time remember DON'T GET SUCKED IN unless of course you want to then that is OK ;)

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