Saturday, August 23, 2014

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Good morning my networking friends,

I love to give tips on building your businesses that all have that WOW factor, but this mornings message may be a little mundane for some.  This subject has been on my mind this week since it was time to reorder my favorite internet protection software (Bullguard.)

At  times I have run into people who have used their computer as long as I have and have never download or uploaded protection.  As small businesses it is so important that we protect our assets just as well (if not better) than large businesses.  Unfortunately we are constantly under attack without even knowing it.

I have found Bullguard to be the best for my computers etc., but this doesn't mean that it is the best.  I personally simply find it to be the most effective in catching unwanted program changes, viruses etc. and it is very easy to use with many extras.  It offers the ability to monitor vulnerabilities, cleaning tools and much more.  But the take home message is whether you choose Bullguard, McAfee, AVG etc you absolutely must have protection.   It may be an expensive investment at the time but it will save you much more money and headaches later.

AVG offers a free version with minimal protection and almost all of the others offer free trials.  Are you protected?  What have you found to be the best?  I look forward to hearing your experiences.

Until next week


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