Saturday, August 9, 2014

Free to Promote Your Shop, Social Sites, or Blog; on Networking Saturday 21

Last week I attended an Webinar by Matt and Brad from  This Webinar was focused on successful blogging and making money off of your blog.  While I never started blogging to directly monetize my site I did create it to direct traffic to my shops etc.  I have to admit that over the years I simply enjoy blogging and having a forum to promote my online friends and talk about things that I find interesting.

 I found some useful information from the Webinar that I am going to share over the next week or two. Some of  which is very simple but many of us (including myself) are so focused on one aspect that we will overlook others.  Embarrassingly the old adage "couldn't see the forest for the trees" does describe me at times.  With all of that being said the following is what I gleaned from it:

Decide what type of blogger you are:

While which blogger category you fall under is not the important part, being consistent is; I am a combination of two, Professional and Promoter.  I love both which is fine but I do need to decide which will be my primary focus and which is secondary.  Also I need to be very careful not to stray outside of the two which I hate to say I have in the past.  I also think (personally not from the webinar) that it is OK to have a 3rd category but I think that it makes it harder to be consistent and may drive readers that are relying on certain content away.

Another piece of information I took away from this Webinar was that we need to be consistent with when we publish our posts.  We should have set times, schedules etc so readers will know when to look for your information.  I am OK but not great with this. In fact while I am typing this I find myself running a bit late.  So I will be working hard on my timing in the future.

Actually what I derived from this information is very simple.  Our content needs to be consistent, timely, well organized (thought out) and valuable.

Stay tuned next week as I discuss other important tips that was discussed on how to build your readership and a profitable blog.

For a little fun a quick question for you:


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DianesDangles said...

Thank you for sharing your Webinar experience, I like your notes explaining the types of bloggers, that really helped. I like to blog about my experiences such as my travels the most and also like to occasionally promote other artist's work. But, my problem is consistency, not posting on a regular basis, I really struggle with that.

Also, I don't know whether to post articles on my Artfire blog or a stand alone blog, I also struggle with that, I can't keep up with two blogs. I use a stand alone blog for such things as events such as the Countdown to Christmas.

Will share your post!

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Thank you Diane it seams like consistency is a problem we share.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

I also find that my blog is a combination of topics. I do promotion of other artists, but also blog about my own art, as well as trends in the world of food and pastry. Also, I know I don't blog often enough and hope to have more time with it at some point.

Thank you for sharing this information, Colleen!


Butterfly In The Attic said...

Thank you Betty for stopping by :)

JulieandMax said...

Thanks for sharing the helpful info you learnt - I'm looking forward to your next post :)

ddazzled71 said...

Thank you for sharing your link and I really enjoyed reading your article about blogging etc. I have linked up my main site - Unruly PaperArts and look forward to following your posts. Danie May

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I like your post, looking forward for the following parts of blogging.
I blog every three days, I am the promoter type. Occasionally, I post about my work and some tutorials when the team members need it or requested.
I would like to change the title under the photo for Andrea Designs, if it is possible. Thank you. Andrea Wagner

Unknown said...

First time visitor here, I enjoyed this post and look forward to reading more about this webinar. My blog has been quite neglected as of late... I need to rethink my niche. You can visit my etsy shop at this is where most of my energy is being spent lately :)

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Thanks to everyone for link up. How fun!

Andrea, what number is next to the picture is yours? and what would you like to change it to? I can change it for you easily. Thank you

Ruth Sandra Sperling of RSS Designs In Fiber said...

My blog became a journal - I write a lot about Handmade - mine and others - and other favorite interests of mine. Though I advertise my Handmade - it is not just for selling - it is for sharing with the world. Thanks for this opportunity to share it through your blog.

rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Love this ~ thank you!
I've already discovered some new shops ~ how exciting!

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Wonderful to have you drop by Ruth and Rose. Happy Networking :)

Linda B said...

I love blogging, but can't keep up with a post everyday. And, I'm not sure of topics that my clients want to read about.

Thanks for the link up.