Saturday, September 27, 2014

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I couldn't count the many times I have heard "Less is More."  I used to hate hearing those words because I am.... (sigh) Long winded.  Yes, I admit it I tend to beat a subject to death trying to explain myself or set a stage.  So since this is a know weak spot I shall be working  on that.  Maybe you have the same problem and you are asking "What's the big deal?"

Unfortunately people are constantly bombarded with messages all day long,  much of this information becomes lost in the background as they surf.  The trend right now is to catch the attention of you potential customer/follower and lure them in with a concise interest rousing message.  If you are successful it will peak their interest and they will want to more, thus following you or clicking your link to site.

While quality of your content is extremely important once you have the person's attention, using eye catching images and concise messages are as important and maybe more.   While I continue to use a desktop for the majority of my work, many people are using IPads and IPhones to quickly access information on the run.  You must have something that stands out and can catch the viewers attention within those few seconds that they scan over the selections.

So summary make your advertising, Facebook posts, Tweets, etc. eye catching and concise.


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Connie Morilak said...

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