Saturday, December 20, 2014

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The topic today is Customer Service.
While some of us seem to be naturals at it, most of us are not.  But Good Customer Service is the most important key to creating a successful online shop.

I have worked in the world of customer service for over 29 years now and I think that it has only been over the last 15 years I have really grasped what it means.  My world has been a little different over those years because it has been working in a health care setting which has helped this become more clearer.  One of the keys to giving Good Customer Service is empathy.   Being in health care and seeing people at their most vulnerable moments makes empathy much easier for me.  But I have found that this applies 100% to my online shop too.
Being able to put yourself into the other persons shoes and understand why they may be buying your product in the first place, who they're buying for, why they are dissatisfied, what they experienced etc. will help you figure out how to fix the issue they are having and make it right.   It also makes it easier to swallow your pride even if you feel you are right.

Everything is relative in the world.  What seems clear as day to you and just business may be the worse shopping experience someone has had and may impact birthdays, anniversaries or other special moments in that person's life.  So empathy can make it easier for you to do what is right for your customers.

While Empathy is key to getting through customer service disasters there are several cardinal rules that you need to follow.  To me some of these are such no brainers that it shouldn't have to be written but I have seen it in other's shop reviews.  Here are my top ten.

#1 the customer is always right (it doesn't mean that they really are right.  It means that no matter if what they are saying defies the laws of nature they are right.  Your responsibility as a business owner is to make it right.)  With all that being said there are a number of literal crooks out there so in those cases you have to use your judgement and research to discern those who are real scammers and those who are not. Unfortunately that is a part of business in this day and age.
#2 Have written, sound and legal policies on shipping, returns, etc.  Make sure the customer knows what to expect when buying from you.
#3 Have complete and accurate product description and pictures.  Again it is important that your customer knows what to expect.
#4 Never use bad language or swear!!! never... never... never!!!
#5 Be professional.  Think of Walt Disney and imagine him writing or saying what you are about to say.  If you shiver at the thought then don't say it.

#6 Always respond; Ignoring emails, phone calls, etc.  will just make the problem worse
#7 Get the entire story of why they are not satisfied.  Not every customer service issue needs to be resolved with a refund.  In fact some customer's find this to be very dissatisfying too.
#8 Act quickly
#9 Apologize
#10 be genuine or at least fake it well.

Over the years I have really become much better at faking sincerity.  In the healthcare field there are some times when people are awful and just down right mean.  But I know that they just found out they are chronically ill, their loved one is going to have surgery, or worse they could be dying!  Faking sincerity gets me through the moments when my human nature is telling me to say "you are out of your mind."  Often I will find that once the initial shock of whatever they are going through is over, they are apologetic and very grateful that I was not reactive to their pain. Most people over all are good they are just having a moment.  This is really important to remember when dealing with anyone.  We all have our moments and I hope when I have my little tantrum that someone will be so kind to fake sincerity with me ;)


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