Saturday, March 21, 2015

Using SEOs in Blogger and Etsy; Networking Saturday 51

Using SEOs in Blogger and Etsy; Networking Saturday 51

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I've been working on my SEO project for a few weeks, I am purposely dedicating time to learning and using seos in my sites. 

While I had seos in my blog, I realize that I didn't have effective ones.  I like to tell stories, so my focus was on telling you about my life, my shop and just basically about me but I was not thinking about my key words, let alone looking them up to see where they stand in frequency of searches. 

So during this last week I have been forcing myself to use the tips and information I have read on creating effective seos.  The keyword planner in Google Adwords has been absolutely necessary in finding my keywords.  

To use it you add the word or words that best describes your post or item, next give them the url to your site.  Then you pick categories that it would fit into; for items you are selling it is easier but for blog posts you might want to start out more general.  Click "Get Ideas" it will generate a list of words that have been used in searches.  Choose the ones that best fit your item or topic that has the highest number of searches.  

If you find that the word/s you chose have very few searches, think of a different one, make sure it still describes your post/item, and then get ideas from that search.  It will get easier the more you use it.  I don't want to  make this post long so if you have questions add them to the comment section and we can address specifics.  Or please add any experience you have had on this subject.

Even though at first it seemed a daunting task, it really isn't so bad and I think it has been paying off.  Unfortunately I have been fighting with Google Domain which drastically affected my stats so I don't have clean data to rely on.  But it still looks like using appropriate seos has helped my stats aside from the huge dip when I tried to add my own domain (argh!)

My next project is to work on Etsy which is a bit more challenging since I need to reconstruct most of my listings.  Next week I will share some great information on seos for Etsy that was posted on a FB group I belong to.  It was a very helpful post and hopefully I will have some happy stats to share with you as a result.

Thank you and have a blessed day!


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KatsAllThat Artisan Jewelry said...

Thank you Colleen for the opportunity to learn more about SEO and for the opportunity to network with folks from many social sites. I have Googled, tweeted and posted your blog on FB.