Saturday, April 11, 2015

Just Networking This Saturday, So LinkUp It's Free! 54

Just Networking This Saturday and taking a break from SEO Talk :P

In this networking party, you can list multiple sites, any social media; blogs, shops, FB pages etc.  It runs all week long, so get some great information on network marketing, social network, and business and at the same time promote yourself.

At the end of this post you will find a button where you will be able to link all of your social networking, shops, and blogs.  Please scroll all the way down for this great opportunity.  It looks like this  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

InLinkz Networking Button

So I am struggling a bit with my health this week so I am not going to be writing anything too terribly profound.  But what I have come to conclude is that SEOs are one the most frustrating things that I have had to work with.  And being that I am not an expert I will be simply applying what I can from what information I can understand and the rest is going to have to be good old fashioned foot work.

What I do know that has help me with sales is Networking and promoting others along with myself.  So with that being said here are a couple upcoming or ongoing events (aside from this one) that are tried and true:
Julie and Blu's Mother's Day Countdown at:
the Twitter Tree (one starts on Sunday Evening) at

Make sure you check them both out they really drive some traffic your way and increase sales.

Also I love this FB group and have found it to be very active:
ETSY - Helping Estians Promote

I hope everyone has a productive week filled with sales!

Rule Free Networking:

Post any of your family friendly sites including social media (blogs, shops, FB, etc.)  What ever sites you would like to share. (multiple sites are OK)  No obligation here.

Please help promote this post using your social network.  Here is an easy one:


ShadowDogDesigns said...

Thank you, Colleen, for this place to share and network.

TheTwistedRedhead said...

Thanks for the networking opportunity, Colleen!

DianesDangles said...

Thank you for inviting us to share!