Saturday, April 25, 2015

Love/Hate with Facebook; Networking Saturday

Love/Hate with Facebook; Networking Saturday

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After reading about the new and upcoming changes that Facebook is making to their algorithm, I have come to conclude that as a small business owner I have a very dysfunctional relationship with Facebook.

It isn't exactly Love/Hate but more like dependent/Hate or that I am just waiting for the day that it becomes what I feel it promised it would become.

When Facebook first came out I could see the wonderful potential for small businesses such as myself so I built my profile, built my pages, and built a solid following just to find my fingers smacked at every turn.  What kind of product calls you to use it and then smacks you down when you do use it?  If that is not dysfunction I don't know what is. 
Yes, I realize that they are in it for the money but Facebook has become too much like "Big Brother" and I find that I am a little concerned with the amount of power this group has over my businesses.  Had I realized how monopolizing it would become, I am not sure if I would have used Facebook in the beginning.

With all this being said I would love to hear how you use your Facebook account, what you use; pages, groups, apps, etc., and your overall experience; have you ever been banned, blocked, if it has helped your business grow, etc.  Please share :)


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