Saturday, May 16, 2015

Data Storage; Networking Saturday

Data Storage on Networking Saturday post and linkup party.

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Data Storage may be a topic that is more directed to people just starting their businesses but I do think it is a very important topic. Over the years I have felt the bitter pain of losing data despite my best effort to be careful and smart about what I use. 

At first I, like so many, found myself at the mercy of what data storage was available on my computer and backing up on floppy discs then CDs but those become corrupted or outdated and the data was lost.  Then I tried the flash drive which worked magnificently until one day I inserted it and ... nothing.  Again my data forever lost and the drive found its way into the graveyard (the closet that I keep all my "maybe someday I can afford to have it retrieved from the dead")
After trying expensive flash drives, cheap flash drives, and external drives I was ready to find something different, besides my graveyard has no more real estate left!  That is when I began to investigate The Cloud.  It almost sounded too good to be true and you know what they say about that.

Looking at cost, security, ratings, etc. I decided to take the plunge with Just Cloud.
 This worked wonderful until a glitch set my account back in time saying that I hadn't paid and the next payment was due in 1974.  I called the company and after many heated telephone conversations and emails I came to the conclusion that they didn't know how to fix it or that it was simply to expensive to fix it.  So that made me very leary of using the cloud making me shy away from it for quite sometime.

Fast forwarding a year to later I was reading an article on the plane that was raving about Dropbox.  I still had not found a trustworthy place to store my data. I again took the leap of faith and now have had Dropbox for over 3 years.  It is one of the most cost efficient storage sites and provides me with a terabyte of data.  So far I am delighted with it's performance and have not had any problems with accessibility. 

I would recommend that those business owners that use a mass of data storage for digitals etc look into a cloud system but research it thoroughly.  The other important tip is to passcode it well do  not create an easy to hack password and expect it be safe and change your password often.

Here are a few sites that may help you chose:

Please note that there is a diffence between Backup Storage and Cloud Storage.  Backup does just that backs up your computer and files incase you have a crash etc but you are usually not able to just retrieve specific files. This would be used to reinstall your information after you get your computer up and running again.  Using Cloud Storage you can create files and store specific data.  Some Cloud Storage also offers a backup storage too so you wouldn't need to have a separate place for that.


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TheTwistedRedhead said...

My sister (who uses the Cloud...The Cloud?), and I were just talking about different storage alternatives, so thanks much for this additional info. Your timing is perfect, Colleen!