Monday, June 1, 2015

Members Of The Pacific Postcards Team - Series 87

Welcome to the Pacific Postcards Team Meet and Greet.  We have a great team that had start simply as an Etsy Team but has branched out into Artfire, G+FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.  We would love for you to join are team and help promote New Artistically designed or reproduced postcards, collecting vintage and antique postcards, creating digital art, and anything to do with ephemera and vintage imagery.

First I would like to introduce myself, Colleen (Captain) and Frances (Leader) of the team:

"First a brief little introduction: I grew up a Midwest farm girl from Wisconsin but through a series of moments of self discovery I have since moved to California and live the city life in the Palm Springs area.  I live in a lovely contemporary home where my husband and I have designed a small but very beautiful Japanese Garden.

Unfortunately, though, the contemporary look does not blend with my passion for vintage and antique Victorian froufrou.  So I have created for myself a virtual world with my shops.  I welcome you to my attic filled with all the treasures found and creations made especially for you..." ~Colleen Cornelius
"I create mixed media, collage, folk art, religious icons, jewelry with a twist, paintings & digital art. Frida Kahlo has long been my muse and some of my art is inspired by her colorful life and paintings. I also enjoy dressing up in costume for any occasion but especially for Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos celebrations and of course as Frida.

Hunting for treasures at flea markets, thrift stores and antique shops is also a favorite past time and I often incorporate these objects into my art..." ~Frances Perea



"I love scouring estate sales, garage sales and anyplace vintage for things I can bring to my shop and hopefully match with just the right person to enjoy and add to their collection. I love "the hunt" and I'm thrilled to be able to bring items to people who aren't able to go hunting or don't have time with their busy lifestyles. Hopefully, I will have found something especially for you!

"When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect toward others". Dalai Lama

"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness". William Arthur Ward"~Judy

Cheryl Hanson

"I love finding and sharing with you the fun items that I find. It started with things my husband and I inherited and has grown. I believe that items from the past can stir memories. Vintage items can make you feel like you are living in another time. They make our homes unique, our projects special and are simply fun to own."


"I opened this shop to share all of the wonderful antique and vintage items I find on my endless search for items to spur my creativity. I hope these offerings will lead you down your creative path. Enjoy!

I design and create jewelry using antique and vintage components. I want to share my fabulous finds with you. You can find my jewelry here:" ~Lianne


"I love all things vintage - especially French dictionary pages, game pieces, Scrabble tiles and anything with numbers, letters or words. I hand pick items that are gorgeous, soulful and fun. I love French country decor.

I focus on things that could be used for altered art, steampunk, crafting or jewelry. Destashing and upcycling really work for me." ~Kenna

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