Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Upcycled Treasures! Summer Fashion

It is hard to believe that another summer is here, which means trips to the beach, hiking, evening walks and just simply enjoying the great outdoors.  What a great time of year to express yourself with you original taste in summer fashion.  Wear going green on your sleeve with these great upcycled summer fashion statements from Etsy.

Tattered Moving Skirt from Etsy Shop: 

White Prairie Dress, Upcycled from Etsy Shop: 

upcycled clothing tattered dress  from Etsy Shop: 

Upcycled Gypsy Boots from Etsy Shop: 

GREEN Wine Bottle BANGLES from Etsy Shop: 

Repurposed Fork Bracelet Jewelry from Etsy Shop: 

Wooden pendant Upcycled jewelry from Etsy Shop: 

Tattered Necklace Green from Etsy Shop: 

Arizona Tea Upcycled Recycled Earrings from Etsy Shop: 

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