Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Favorite Shop Of The Week - CANDCMINIFACTORY

While building my Meet the Members of the Pacific Postcard Team post I had a revelation.  I am going to pick my favorite shop for the week and feature them on both of my Blogs Wednesday.
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This feature is based solely on my own personal tastes and what I enjoyed at the time.  I usually find several shops that I just love but one always grabs my attention just a bit more.  I love miniatures and as a photographer I completely appreciate these amazing ladies' expression of art.

Hope you can get lost in the imaginative worlds they created I  know I did :)
Thanks for stopping by C+C Mini Factory!
Free shipping in the US

"If you like miniatures, photography, AND
clever puns on early 90's dance-pop hip hop groups, then this is the place for you!

Chelsea Cates & Quinn Corbin
On Saturdays Quinn Corbin bikes from Gowanus with a backpack full of toys to Chelsea Cates' makeshift studio in Prospect Heights (it’s really just her bedroom). 

Under the moniker C+C Mini Factory, we photograph these miniature animals in fanciful and otherworldly environments for the fun of it. Friends for years, we recently united to make something awesome in an attempt to find a counterbalance to our not-so-creative 9 to 5 jobs in Manhattan."  ~Chelsea Cates & Quinn Corbin

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