Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Caturday! {CoHost} - Cute Cats Everywhere

Kitty sunset
Art print available here.

Hey there people and Happy Caturday to you! I hope you are well, wherever in the world you may be!

As always, I am linking up my grateful list with Octavia and Vicky. My Caturday posts always follow the same formula. I'll talk about everything I'm grateful for then point out some fantastic kitty-related goodies. Grateful + Cats = Catful. Totally logical. Go with me on this :)

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Here's what I am saying thanks for this week

134.  I am very grateful that I have Sunday off from my day job. 

135.  I am also grateful to have a day job with which I am able to support my family.

Here's my feline goodness for this week

This week I wanted to feature Simon's Cat. Have you ever seen any of his cartoons and videos? You really should - they're cute and funny at the same time. Here are some of my faves from the Simon's Cat website. Enjoy!

Cat vs toys
Cat vs toys - why is it they never want to play with the toys you buy or make? Why do they always want to play with something else entirely? Like a pen or whatever they're not allowed.

Cats as tigers
Cats as tigers - they are tigers really. I didn't realise there was an international Tiger day but I bet my cats did. Kitty sixth sense or something.

A cat for every occasion
A cat for every occasion - even for Valentines!

A kitty food scrum
A kitty food scrum - chaos, kitty fashion.

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Have a great day people!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's Twitter Tree

The Twitter Tree© will is hosted by a different shop Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:

Only 2 Items per person

Each Tweet must contain the hashtag #retwt
Only 2 other Hashtag may be used.
Include your Twitter Id, mine is @ButterflysAttic 
Please include a brief description of your item in the tweet.
Keep your Tweet under 140 Characters (including spaces).

No Mature Items
Tweet Everyone’s listings. (It is not fair to others if you do not fully participate. Team Leaders do watch who is tweeting and who is not.)
Limit of two (2) hashtags

 Here are Mine:


Look what I found on @eBay! Lot of 4 Handmade Pink & Black Cocktail Rings @ButterflysAttic #retwt #PleaseRetweet


Vintage Elegance meets Goth Black Faceted Glass Bead Drop Earrings @ButterflysAttic #retwt #PleaseRetweet


'It's All In Black And White - PPT BNS~ No Minimum ~ OPEN' by postcardsintheattic


Antique Postcard Undivided B...
Reduced Black White Glass Ti...
Vintage Postcard of Heber C....
Winter Landscape Photography...
PRINT, Giclee print, 9 X 12,...
Scanned Print of Old Time Mi...
Raw Polymer Clay Cane Black ...
Victorian Line Art for STEAM...
Boys and Girls from the Art ...
Vintage Horse Drawn Bakery W...
Romantic Humorous Antique Va...
Skull Cell Phone Pouch, (Cam...
Antique 1900s Postcard Betsy...
No More Words
Vintage Photo of Hawaiian Hu...
Breathtaking Set of 7 Japane...

May The Sales Fair Sprinkles Her Fairy Dust On Us Today

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Good Morning, I am supporting another wonderful but detailed project for my day job and have been burning the midnight oils.  So today's post will be short and sweet.  My friend re-shared a great quote this morning on FB so I thought I would pass on these Words of Wisdom.  I hope everyone has a blessed Wednesday (and Saturday hurries up and gets here LOL.)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Showing Some Love Hump Day Blog Hop {Co-host}

This blog hop was born in true "hippie fashion" with the idea of giving, sharing and spreading LOVE in mind. 
There seems to be so much dark in the world (especially on the news) lately so why don't we band together to help spread more of the peace, LOVE & beauty in the world? 
Let's stand together and shine our bright lights of positive energy and overcome all of the darkness
Your Hosts ~
***Melissa @ Home On Deranged**** Devoted member of our Partnership Program & now like a sister to me! I LOVE my Melissa! :) Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Google+ - BlogLovin

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Your Co-hosts ~

***Colleen @ Butterfly in the Attic****
Congrats, Colleen, for winning our July "Sponsor Special" Giveaway! She will be our CoHost for August & September!  Welcome, Colleen!
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***Stacey @ This Momma's Ramblings****
Stacey hosts her very own hop, "This Momma's Meandering Monday's" on her site & I'm thrilled to have her Help spread the LOVE around with us as a CoHost for August! Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Google+ - BlogLovin

Leave a comment if you'd like them to follow you too!

If you want to show some extra LOVE, Tweet about the hop! Social Media Hashtag for this hop is #ShowingSomeLove.

~*~*~* We're always looking for new LOVEly CoHosts! *~*~*~

Monday, August 26, 2013

New Members Of The Pacific Postcards Team - Series 40

A quick note before we get moving with our Meet and Greet.
There is an opportunity for you to link up an item or your blog post that you find inspiring throughout last week. The thought behind my post Sunday was to create something inspiring to get us going for this week. So please stop by and post and/or comment:
PrettyPaper09-Antique,Vintage Ephemera, Cards, Holiday
Reenie Kietzman
"Raised by Antique Dealers, I come by my love of all things old easily. I am passionate about illustrations, Victorian prints, and ephemera. ETSY is allowing me to sell what I love, and making it easy. I am looking forward to providing you truly creative folk with imagery, and provide an outlet for those who are looking for inexpensive artwork. Let's have fun together!" ~Reenie Kietzman
LaDonna LeRose
 "I am on staff at an HIV/AIDS Clinic. My passions are animal rescue (esp. Italian Greyhounds), HIV/AIDS research to find a cure, and LGBT rights. I have 3 daughters, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 1 husband.

My les choses necessaires include my Italian Greyhounds; my cats; antique books; flow blue china; religious jewelry, icons and medals; old pictures, and vintage designer handbags.

This shop has given me a great outlet for my number one needful thing, shopping! It's fun to share my expeditions with you!

Thanks for stopping by" ~LeDonna LeRose

My Fancies
My Fancies
"A lover of all things vintage, you can find me most weekends at flea markets, swap meets and estate sales.Hobbies include mixed media art and dabbling in painting." ~My Fancies
Memory Hotel
Facia's Mom
"We live in the North Country, the Adirondacks of upstate New York. The snow falls steadily from late November sometimes until Easter. The mountains of Vermont are visible from our town and are reflected in the lake. We call our 1880s Victorian "Memory Hotel", so many families have lived here before us, so many memories remain. We invite you to come and stay for awhile, take something away with you... Share the memories......." ~Facia's Mom

Delusions of Grandeur Shoppe
Ruth Hultz
 "Always interested in collections, history, antiques and especially in re purposing-- even as a child--I finally have time to do it to my heart's content. Life is Good and it is fun making it good for others." ~Ruth Hultz

City Different Objects & Antiques
City Different


"I have always had a fascination for history and antiques, particularly the Victorian era, I can walk for hours around antique fairs and shops! I love old photographs, letters and postcards that give a glimpse into times gone by." ~ Acanthe


'AS THE SUN SETS ON SUMMER - PPT BNS~ No Minimum ~ OPEN' by postcardsintheattic


Vintage Postcard Precious Go...
Sunset on the River 1912 Lea...
NOTE CARD, multi exposure, m...
Antique Birthday or Best Wis...
Grandma and Boys Camping Dig...
Sunset art, Palm tree art, A...
Vintage Paris Postcards - Or...
Polymer Clay Cane Raw Flower...
Fabulous Sunset Vintage Post...
Vintage "Mammy's Li...
ACEO Weeping Willow - acryli...
This is the Good Life, sunse...
Beach and Ocean Sunset Fabri...
Vintage Postcard - Real Phot...
********************************************************************************** We have expanded our Pacific Postcards Team past the confines of Etsy. You can now join in the fun even if you don't have an Etsy account by joining the Pacific Postcards Team on G+ . Another great way to share our passion for postcards. I have not built a button for this yet so here is the link to our new community. If you know anyone that is in love with postcards and ephemera please pass this link onto them. Go to

The only difference in the memberships is that the latter will be included in shop
interviews, BNRs and postcard related activities. We also plan on having activities for
the general memberships. Hope to see you there soon.
Please remember that we have our very own Postcard Forum for any questions about specific postcards, collecting, creating, basically anything and everything about postcards. Finally found a rare card for your collection? Use the forum to show off that new found treasure.