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This page will list the winners of my Sweepstakes Giveaways starting 6/2/19 (edited 12/7/2019/ 2/21/2021)

Rules have moved to a separate page on 2/21/2021 that can be found by clicking HERE

Winner of the Father's Day Giveaway ending 6/2/19 - Congratulations Brian P.

Winner of the Christmas In July Giveaway ending 7/31/19 - Congratulations Amber C

Winner of the Thanksgiving Giveaway ending 11/17/19 - Congratulations Dolores P

Winner of the New Year Giveaway ending 1/19/2020 - Congratulations Jennifer F

Winner of the Summer Heat Giveaway ending 8/11/2020 - Congratulations Tom B

Winner of the Spring Fever Giveaway ending 3/21/2021 - Congratulations AEKZ2

Winner of the Mother's Day Giveaway ending 5/16/2021 - Congratulations Huguette E.

Winner of the Back To School Giveaway ending 8/22/2021 - Congratulations Megan N

Winner of the Christmas Giveaway ending 12/12/2021 - Congratulations Christina BC

Winner of the Back To School Giveaway ending 09/26/2022 - Congratulations Karina B

Winner of the The Adventure Of Oliver The Otter; Strawberry Time Give Away ending 07/16/2023 - Congratulations Jerri

1 comment:

Brian E. said...

We received the prints from Colleen and are very pleased with them: one was a print of a kitschy, giant dinosaur sculpture display that one might see at an old roadside attraction driving the backroads of the desert southwest (i.e. Route 66) that my young daughter loved, and the other one was of an old, rusty welded iron sign from the entrance to an old mining company, again, located in the desert. Her photographer's eye has certainly captured some unique "moments" !