Giveaway Rules/Sweepstake Rules

Giveaway Rules/Sweepstake Rules Page established on 2/21/2021 

Updated 8/14/2022

Please stop back often, these will be updated as needed with the date and changes indicated.

For ButterflyInTheAttic Blog Giveaway and Sweepstakes the following apply:

  • Prize:
    • Giveaway/sweepstakes have NO cash value 
    • Prizes cannot be exchanged or swapped for other merchandise or cash.
    • Size of the image must match the give away specifications.  If it does not you may chose a size that works with the image but Must be at the same production cost or less.  You will not be give the difference in cash or exchange of other merchandise; it will be absorbed by my shop.
    • Prints are created by ProDPI and drop shipped
    • Do Not place an order with Pixels, Fine Art America, or Redbubble for your selections. I use these sites only to provide you examples of my work to choose from.  The actual prints will be printed and sent from ProDPI.
  • Winner selection
    • Winners for giveaways/sweepstakes are randomly generated by a application called "Giveaway Tools"  unless otherwise noted.
    • Immediately after the Giveaway closes, the applications randomly selects a winner and notifies me via email.
    • Within 48 hours I validate the winning entry and email the winner.  
      • Validation process will be determined by the entry type (examples below)
        • I.e. if winning entry is for following my blog I will validate the winner's username is valid and is actively following my blog
        • I.e. if winning entry if for retweeting or tweeting an item; I will validate by visiting provided URL to confirm the tweet was sent publicly
        • For more details please email at
    • I will also create the winner post to announce the winner's first name and last initial publicly after the winning entry is validated.
  • Collecting Prize or Freebie
    • The selected winner must respond with their selections and mailing address.  
    • If there is no response I will send 1 reminder email repeating the information.  
    • After 30 days the randomly selected winner becomes void.
      • Prizes must be claimed within 30 days or will become void (this includes providing mailing address and selections) 
    • All unclaimed prizes will be used for future giveaways.  
    • If there are any questions you may email me at
  • VOID Winning Entry Validation:
    • If you enter "-", false email, false URL, a space using the space bar, or any other word, character, URL, or Email other than the explicitly directed entry option the entry will be VOID
    • VOID entry winners will not be notified and will not be provided any opportunity to fix the error, so do it right when you submit and follow directions.
    • When a VOID Entry is Selected as the winner, I will Click the Button to pick a NEW randomized Winning Entry and the steps will repeat until a valid entry is chosen
  • I am a very small business of one so I am subject to error even though I make every effort to triple check my work.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at:
thank you

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