Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome to Butterfly In The Attic

Like my store vision, the visions for this blog is to create an avenue for individuals like myself to bring back some of the beauty and uniqueness to our world.  Most of us have become satisfied to ooh and ah or gasp at what we view on television, magazines or the internet and that is as far as we go.  We seem to have become a society that is satisfied to only see things from a distance and forget all about our other senses.  As simple as the act of collecting or having a collection seems, this one small hobby can stimulate many senses, entice an idol mind into thinking and can open doors to new experiences one leading into the next.
My store and this blog will be focused on those things that I have found great pleasure in since I was a child; my collections and my craft.   I was greatly blessed as a child with grandparents that found my intense fascination with “things” a gift and something to nurture.  My interests were wide and expansive at that time; from wanting to collect bugs (of all things) to rocks, buttons to postcards, lace to pressed flowers, postage stamps to nature seals and on and on...  Fortunately for myself I have narrowed it down a little; probably to some, very little. 
I have collected postcards since my grandmother gave me my first antique German greetings.  Later I found that in every picture postcard was an escape, a message, and place that someday I must see for myself.
Haven't been here yet.
I have been to here.

As a child looking at this postcard during the wintery months in the Midwest I could only dream of visiting these places now I live on the West Coast.  Also important information to parents; postcard collecting, if presented in the right way, will keep your kids quiter for longer than any TV show or video game ;)

I love buttons, old and new; for such a simple item they can be created with such beauty, along with such a variety of materials and at one time you could identify a persons’ class status by the buttons on their clothes.  Now you can still determine someone’s class status; pant button done vs. pant button undone.  I find that often it is quite relaxing to match the many hundreds of buttons that I have and imagine what beautiful or handsome creations the new owners will create.

Gems and minerals have held a deep intrigue with me since I was young also.  It never seemed to fail that as a child I just happened to look down just at the right time and there would be the most gorgeous crystal or fascinating fossil at my feet. 

Amethyst I had the great pleasure to have found. 
Crafting with natural products brings me great joy.  They make me feel very connected to the natural world and are very spiritual.  I hope to help bring the same joy to others with my products.

A lovely Lavender Sachet Mix I create

Finally, but not the least by any manner of speaking, I love collecting anything vintage, pretty and those items that may simply be unique.   Unfortunately for our new generations and even beginning in mine, we have become a “throw-away” society.  Everything is made for a onetime use; it has no character, no energy, and no charm.  Yes I have become as accustomed to many of these conveniences as much as the next person but it is a real tragedy that most of us have no other reason to save a container or a razor other than to reduce the landfill.  Kudos to all of us that are conscious of that but what ever happened to the day when we would keep a coffee can just because it was pretty.  No wonder why we have to resort to building towns on top of dump sites.  Let the collectors of the world help bring the beauty back into our everyday lives.  Say good bye to the mundane one - use lighters, razors, and room freshener spray and hello to a reason to recycle.
While I have been a collector and crafter for years I am constantly searching for new knowledge and better ways to find treasures, preserve and organize them.  As I learn I want to share this information with you and to provide the readers with a positive source of information.  I would like to focus on the art of collecting along with the art of creating a positive living space and environment for ourselves.  Living in a clean and organized space but one that is full of intrigue and character. 
Organizing is key because that is one way that we keep the line of distinguished collector and not find ourselves featured on the next episode of Horders.
Until next time... and don't forget to visit me at my store ButterflyInTheAttic.

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