Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aromatherapy Thursday - Mandarin

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The lovely fragrance of Mandarin oil is an uplifting and stimulating scent that can create a feeling of euphoria.  The Mandarin is part of the citrus family and has similar properties but with a gentler action.  This property makes using Mandarin oil for aromatherapy ideal for most people including children and those that are pregnant.  

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I love the citrus family because it reminds me of summer and sunshine.  So it is a wonderful treat to make a lovely bright colored sachet or potpourri mix to brighten up your room in the winter.  The stimulating scent helps chase my winter blues away.  It is also a lovely refreshing fragrance on those hot summer days.  What a perfect natural gift.
My Sunny Citrus Sachet mix in ETSY shop Butterfly In The Attic at
The Mandarin’s fruity and mild aroma blends well with many other fragrances such as chamomile.  This mixture of 4 drops Mandarin and 1 drop Chamomile oil in 2 teaspoons of carrier will be a nice soothing rub which can also prevent and treat stretch marks.  A bath of 3 drops Mandarin oil and 3 drops Rose oil mixed with 1/4 cup Epsom salts creates a relaxing home spa in your bathroom.  There are many uses for Mandarin oil in aromatherapy.  I have included a treasury with many wonderful treats that use this Heavenly fruity scent.
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Always use a carrier oil such as vegetable oil or sweet grape seed oil with essential oils at a ratio of approx. 5 drops of essential oil to 2 teaspoons of carrier.  A carrier can also be Epsom salts, sea salts, or anything that will dilute the oil.  Often essential oils are very powerful and can damage the mucous membranes of the nose if inhaled directly from the bottle.  A technique called "wafting" is used when testing the scent of essential oils.  This technique is simple:  open the container and holding it at least 4 inches away from your nose, use your hand and gently wave across the top up to your nose to waft the fragrance to you.  Never directly sniff from the container's opening. 

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I'm a citrus nut myself, it's my fave scent. Beautiful treasuries, as well as useful, and smells good, too! The Satsuma Whipped Soap looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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