Thursday, May 5, 2011

Aromatherapy Thursday - Chamomile

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Chamomile is such a sunny dainty little flower that has a clean soothing scent.  It looks and smells like came straight from the summer sun.  I am particularly fond of Chamomile because it was the first "herb" I discovered growing wild in the Midwest fields.  Of course there are many kinds of Chamomile and typically those that we relate to aromatherapy are German, Roman, and English Chamomile.  Their fragrances are more delicate than the wild Chamomile I found.
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Chamomile is heralded for its soothing properties not only through aromatherapy but in teas.  It is often used to sooth stomach aches and noted for calming the nervous digestive tract. 
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In aromatherapy no other pair seems more natural as Lavender and Chamomile; Lavender aides in sleep and relaxation while Chamomile provides an additional soothing property.
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Using these two wonderful herbs together can be as simple as adding 3 drops of Chamomile oil and 2 drops of Lavender oil into 2 Teaspoons of vegetable or grape seed oil.  Because of their clean scents, many other oils, such as Bergamot, can be easily added for additional "tones” creating a little more complex aroma.  Using this same combination you can treat yourself to a relaxing bath.
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Chamomile has also been noted to add special shine to a person's hair.  Used alone steeped as a strong tea it, can be used as a rinse to highlight blonde hair.  But it can also be used in companion with other herbs and ingredients to bring out highlights for anyone and it will give your hair a beautiful luster.   (My mother never let me color my hair so finding that large patch of wild Chamomile was extra important to me as a teen.)

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To Chamomile the flower that makes you smile...

Remember to always check for allergies prior to using any essential oil or aromatherapy product.  Use the patch test as described in my blog post, Aromatherapy Thursday - Lavender.  Also note that aromatherapy is to enhance and bring enjoyment to a person's life and never to be substituted for medical care with your physician.  If you are a pregnant woman or if you are planning to use aromatherapy on a child you should check with your physician first.


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Thank you so much for including me in your treasury! :) I love working with Chamomile :)
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I knew about chamomile used in aromatherapy, but I never knew how it looked. The flower is actually quite pretty. I'd love to have those sitting in my house. Maybe I can get those dried ones for a facial steam. Great picks, thanks for sharing!

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