Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday The 13th - Watch for the Lady in Black

Happy Friday the 13th...A day of mysterious superstitions, the lure of fantasies and the darkness surrounding this day.  Although I am not into superstitious, I love the mystery and intrigue.

This wonderful candle was found in ETSY shop The Doxy Fox at

This beautiful black sultry lipstick is from ETSY shop Providence and Grace at

This amazing Black Widow is from ETSY shop Dezyne Kween at


Unknown said...

thanks for posting my black widow digital air-brush framed print in your treasury :) I was at a masquerade party last night for friday the 13th where everyone dressed up like they were in a slasher slumber party movie. great fun, but glad I made it home safe !

Della said...

This is cool! That is an awesome treasury you made, too!

sam said...

This is very cool :) Thank you for adding my print from etsy on your blog! I feel honored :)