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Meet the Members of ETSY's Pacific Postcards Team Part 1 of 2

Often I have found postcards that were very difficult find information on.  I also have noticed that there is no longer a Postcard Collector's Magazine in publication and very few true informational sites on the internet.  In hopes of consolidating the vast ephemera knowledge found on ETSY and to tap into my fellow postcard collector's & designer's enthusiasm I started the Pacific Postcards Team.  I would like to use today's post to introduce the current members of the team (including myself) and a small sample of each of their shops.
Team Captain
"Collecting vintage items, specifically postcards, finding beautiful natural works of art, and natural crafts has been a passion of mine for most of my life.

My postcard collection has outgrown Butterfly In The Attic so it now has its own beautiful little store."
Butterfly In The Attic can be found at:
Also check out our buttons, beautiful sewing finds and jewels at The Butterfly's Buttons
"My obsession with Collecting began at age seven, when I went with my Father to the local dump, in those days it was an open pit that the community added their refuse and unwanted items to. My first 'Find' was a plastic bag of fabric scraps, to me it was Treasure. I taught myself to sew by hand little doll clothes for my hand me down dolls.

I come from Humble Beginnings, so Thrift Stores and Garage Sales provided me with every item I needed. For the last thirty years or so I have never left the Treasure Hunt.
My 'Collections' have varied throughout the years, some have been offered for sale on PaperSeeker. I only obtain what I love, guess my thought is that you will Love It Too. I hope you enjoy the Listings, Enjoy the Purchases and I will always be happy to 'Seek' for you as well, all you have to do is Convo me with your desires..."
"I am a full-time organic farmer so my day starts early and ends late. My time is spent with my animals and large market garden of heirloom vegetables. Hard, but rewarding work and I wouldn't have it any differently. I do however find time to collect goodies and divest myself of extra items from my collection. I have a large collection of vintage postcards, Victorian Trade cards, stamps, covers and postal stationary as well as books and from time to time craft related material. I hope you will enjoy my offerings.I am a proud member of The EtsyVintageTeam, an organization of Etsy sellers who are passionate about vintage and antiques, as well as items that are handmade with vintage components... "
"Born collector and vintage enthusiast!
Since my student days in vibrant Glasgow, I developed a passion for the vintage and the antique and for the worn and the wretched items of yesteryear.

I visited more vintage shops than classrooms but graduated with a Masters in History of Art. Currently a freelance designer, I have recently decided to move abroad and have to part with a large part of my treasured collection, there is simply no container big enough to transport my decades of antique and vintage finds!

I source my items from vintage fairs, estate sales, markets and elder relatives and their buddies. I have carefully chosen contacts in France and Germany that provide me with authentic vintage lace, millinery and other special items..." 
"Philip Rhys Matthews is an Artist, Illustrator and Photographer. He graduated from Falmouth in 2009 with a degree in Illustration and has worked freelance ever since. He is currently studying for a Masters in Fashion Photography at The 
                                                 London College of Fashion."
"My name is Ella. I have been doing graphic design & 3d Art for over 9 years and still going!

I am a mother of 2 sons & a proud Army wife of 10 years.

Find me here:

Twitter:  "   
"If you are interested in my nature and landscape prints, please check out my other shop on Etsy, "
"Picture is of my 3 Oldest Grandchildren with 4th just few months Old. All girls. The Swing was paid with ETSY sales. Thanks Dan........
Hand Crafted Items - Music - Post Cards - Old Books, just a Click away.

SHOP 1 - ( )
SHOP 2 - ( )
SHOP 3 - ( )
SHOP 4 - ( )
Thank You,Danny and 3 Grandchildren
"Hi, I'm Rachael. Nice to meet you :)
So here's a little bit about me:
I went to school in Bridlington and took my gcse's and as-levels in art and film subjects. I then went on to art college where I got my Diploma in Fine Art. After that I went to University and finally got my BA (Hons) degree in Animation. Since then I have been travelling (alot!) and working as a self employed and freelance animator. I now live in Bridlington with my boyfriend and rabbit :)
My hobbies are photography, listening to music, travelling, playing piano and playing sims!

I have lived in or around Bridlington all of my life. Although I get itchy feet alot and love to travel I do like to come home to Brid. It is a beautiful seaside town and many people I care about live here. It is not a place that is central to anything but I find that having the internet makes everthing... "
"♥a little about me♥ As a full time collage artist, I know first hand that image quality is of the utmost importance and that is what I strive to bring you in each of my uniquely designed digital collage sheets. Starting with legally obtained images, I enhance, hand-color and/or lovingly digitally restore each of them until I reach a final design that I would use in my own artwork!

Take a peek at my art

follow my blog and sign up for my
newsletter here:

Wishing each of you an *iMaGiNaTioN* filled day!

♥Debrina Pratt"
"Thank you for visiting $5 Dollar French Market! We are the proud shopkeepers of this shop, as well as our other shop French Market! We are very happy and grateful to have joined the etsy community! We feel very blessed to have found
                                                    such a wonderful place,
                                                    and to be able to share our
                                                    creativity with the world."
´¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´* j&L *
French Market
The $5 Dollar French Market
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A new post every day featuring Marie & Friends."

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"I am a mom of three beautiful little girls (Rita, Claudia and Natalie) and have a very loving and supportive husband. I have a Masters in Business degree and have spent many years working in banking and Wall Street. I decided to take the more creative route after my beautiful daughter Rita was born. So I quit corporate America and decided to start creating, which has always been my passion. I also have a paper crafting and scrapbooking website for 8 years now (

I love creating vintage art that reminds me of the old Vintage Paris Market.

I spend a lot of time in my craft studio which I call my happy place. ... "

Please Go To Part 2 To Meet Our Other Members
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