Sunday, May 8, 2011

Memories of Mother's Days Past

My memories of Mothers' Days past are so sweet.  My children did not have the luxury of buying me store bought gifts but I always received something beautiful from them.  Most often it was a handmade card, a beautiful decoration made with glue and doodads, or handpicked flowers.
This wonderful little character is designed by a little girl and found in ETSY shop Shelley Faye at
When children are little they know that they are the center of our world and so they create uninhibited and give these gifts knowing that they will become our prized possessions.  Unfortunately as they get closer to their teenage years they are skeptical that these beautiful gifts from the heart are good enough.  But what they don't know is that they give us still hold the same meaning as when their little hands gave us bouquets of dandelions and made us crayon sketches.
Sweet Oil Painting found in ETSY shop Art By Marylin at
When my youngest son was around 11 or 12 years old he want to buy me a bracelet and earring set while we were shopping at  a clothing store.  Of course he had to ask me since he didn't have the money of his own at the time.  He wouldn't let me see it but told me how much he needed.  It was expensive for someone who survived off of allowances and birthday money.  I told him that he would have to use his allowance for several weeks to pay for it and I assured him that I love the cards and things he made for me. But he insisted that he wanted to pay for this gift for my Mother's Day.  I could tell that he felt he had honestly found the perfect gift for me so I agreed.  It was a beautiful set and when I opened it on Mother's Day I knew that he had saved so long to get it for me.  He sacrificed many things that he wanted to give me this special gift.  I still have the set and wear it to this day almost 9 years later.

My daughter has special needs and she will always be between 5 - 7 years old cognitively.  One year she made me a simple wire wrap-around bracelet.  She picked out the colors of the facetted beads herself.  I am always amazed at how well my children know me because her choices were perfect.  I have worn it so many times especially with one of my dress blouses that match it perfectly.  I have had so many people make comments and ask where I got the bracelet.  I proudly tell them that my daughter made me it for Mother's Day several years ago.
It has been several years since my beautiful Grandma Dorothy passed away on an April day just before Easter.  I was around 30 years old and even though I knew that it was a natural course of life it was devastating.  She was the rock of our family and she was not only someone that I love deeply but someone I truly admired.   Not only was she the prettiest woman I knew but she had the most beautiful soul. 

Shortly after the funeral I received a large manila envelope that someone thought I would want.  It was worn and tattered with age; I wasn't sure what it was. 
This is such a neat idea This is a Laptop Sleave found in ETSY shop Lauren H Designs at
Inside were numerous pieces of construction and typing paper along with bits of other odds and ends.  I pulled out one of the pieces and unfolded it.  While it was faded I could still make out the image of a very crudely drawn cat (I think) and some other pencil sketching in the background.  It still didn't dawn on me what these were until I seen the back where my grandmother wrote "Colleen - 1973."  With tears streaming down my face I finished going through the pile of material in that envelope; each project had been carefully preserved with my name and the date I made it.  I had complete forgotten all those pieces of "art" but she lovingly saved them until the day she died.
This pack of ephemera was found in ETSY shop Shane Lily Rain at
I still have a box of art that my children have made throughout the years.  Although construction paper fades and the images may get a little worn, I would never be able to part with my treasures.  Knowing how special the gifts my children made for me are has made me realize how much my grandmother loved me when she saved all those pages for over 30 years.
Being a mother is a hard job but it is the most rewarding job that many of us are blessed with.  Maybe for today instead of signing my name with my credentials I will sign my name Colleen Roush, Mother.  After all that is the one credential I am most proud of.
My daughter sent me these this Mother's Day.  It makes me especially happy; she still has special needs but it shows just how grown up she has become.
May your Mother's Day be as blessed as mine have been and still are.


Mairi said...

A very sweet post :) Lovely treasuries, thank you for incluidng me in the second one! Have a wonderful Mother's Day! :D

Sherry said...

Beautiful. Touching. Warm. Heart felt. Loving. Inspired. I could go on...but what you have written Colleen is what Mother's Day, which is every day is really all about.

Thank you for sharing your precious memories with us and for creating such beautiful treasuries.

I'm honoured. Happy Mother's Day! xo

Marilyn R. Meier-O'Brien said...

Thank you so much for posting my painting. That is of my beloved Aunt Betsy who was a good story teller. She told me...That is my gramma taking the dandelions from Aunt Betsy and ooohhhing and awwwwing how beautiful they are. Aunt Betsy didn't know what they were but she was a little girl who wanted to give her mom a gift. Aunt Betsy told me the story so I just had to paint it. They are both gone but they live on in my heart. Thank you sooo much. Marilyn

Unknown said...

Very nice! Thanks so much for including me in your treasury and this post!

Shelley Mitchell said...

oh boy, this brought tears to my eyes. Happy Mother's Day!

Yulia Kazansky said...

Beautiful! Thank you very much for including my photo in your treasury and the post!