Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Procrastination & Packing Mayhem

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So I am up early typing instead of packing. I know its called procrastination. I look around and just want to say WTF was I thinking? Is there enough boxes in this world to help me move?
The caption of this wonderful painting is "Once Again" which is so very fitting for how I feel today.
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I can't wait though, I am so extremely excited about returning to the warmth and palms of the California I love. Don't get me wrong, the mountains are BEAUTIFUL, but I am truly, beyond a doubt, a city girl. Even the site of Mayberry or Little House On The Prairie makes me cringe.!!!
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Plus I must not have a blood preasure or something because I need a jacket even when it is 70 degrees out. So alas I will stop messing around and start putting things in my boxes. Especially since I can hear my husband waking up and if he sees me here I might be in a box!!! LOL
ETSY HAS EVERYTHING!!!! Even a girl in the box, lol.  This great piece of art was found in ETSY Shop King Happy Creation at
He knows I am overwhelmed but for some reason doesn't have any sympathy. He was mumbling something about "Hoarders" last night. So I will see you later.
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Piper Bella Boutique said...

I don't mind packing so much, it's the unpacking that is so painful for me!

Joana Miranda said...

Ah, the joys of moving...

Since I spent most of the fall cleaning, packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning and reorganizing, I can definitely relate.

Hope your move goes smoothly!

(And thanks again for featuring my "Josephine and Andre Move to the Big City" card in your great Etsy treasury!)

All best wishes,

Of The Fountain said...

lol, you are too funny. :) I also require a coat when it's °70. I'm chilled! So sue me...

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't you hate packing and moving...unless of course, you are going somewhere as wonderful as you are! Dont' worry, I don't have blood pressure either....I need a sweater under 75 degrees as a rule...and it is interesting to note that my blood pressure is normally super-low. Hmmm...must be a connection!

Now, quit reading and get packing!