Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Camera and Waffle Iron Day!!!!!

So I am a little crazy, but it truly is National Camera and Waffle Iron Day today.  I feel it is necessary to celebrate such special holidays.  Vintage waffle irons and cameras are a lot of fun since they have evolved so much over the decades and can be a range of fanciful to plain and functional.  Of course along with the distinguishing look for the time period you need to make note of the safety features that the vintage and antique electronics lack.  When purchasing vintage items that you must plug in, it would be best to only collect and not use or to have them professionally modified to meet today's safety standards prior to use.  I hope you enjoy my finds.  I know that I enjoyed looking for these items.
This lovely waffle iron was found on ETSY Shop Next 2 New at

I love this iron since I haven't seen one like this before.  This great vintage waffle iron was found in ETSY Shop Gallivants at

A great waffle iron from 1966 found in ETSY Shop Olde Tyme Store at
This wonderful old fashioned camera along with many others was found in ETSY Shop Remember When Camera at

Another amazing find~vintage camera found in ETSY shop Beppiebags at

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