Saturday, August 27, 2011

Peace, Balance, and My Japanese Garden

As I rest back on the red pillows that decorate the bench in our small yard a cool morning breeze brushes over my face.  The tranquil sound of water trickling into the base of a Japanese themed fountain quiets my mind so I can focus.  But at one time this precious little escape was a land of untamed bushes and hot landscaping bark.

I have been spending the last 5 years painfully reinventing myself and my world.  I learned so much about life during this time and have found that I am coming closer and closer to achieving the balance that was always lacking in my prior life.  My balance, of course, would never be the same as someone else's balance, but I am truely happy and find myself enjoying more moments of peace.  While happiness is internal, who and what surround's someone does speak loudly of a person's psyche.  A balanced person will not surround themselves with chaos and a peaceful person will not live in drama.

It is much easier for me to create my little escapes now because the wonders of technology.  You, my readers, are part of this little escape and are very appreciated.  I love my beautiful virtual world, full of pretty handmade items, art, and amazing treasures.  I am surrounded virtually by creative people with a great eye for beauty and talented artists. 

Fortunately for me, since my husband is also an amazing artist, my physical world resembles my virtual.  Knowing that my day job is stressfull and sometimes not always balance, my sweet husband created this little oasis in our yard. He has spent hours landscaping in the intensly hot Fresno sun to give me an escape.  Now I sit in the middle of our Japanese garden writing to you.  In the midst of this beauty it is difficult to dwell on the short comings of the day or to feel anxiety about the future.  The stress melts away... I hear the sounds of the water, the walls hide anything outside of my is just me and I am at peace.

Everyone needs a little oasis of their own...whether it is an virtual escape, a cabin in the woods, or their own Japanese garden; people need a place to find balance.
Let's start another oasis in our virtual world...

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J Honda said...

you have a precious, precious husband :D This is just lovely!!