Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Quest For The Great Pumpkin

The sound of crunching leaves and giggles fill the crisp cool air.  The smell of damp hay warming in the midday sun greets my senses.  Faded corn stocks and brightly colored orange and green squash line the pathway as we walk to join the other happy families for a wagon ride.  The farmer looks back to make sure everyone is seated and starts the tractor engine with a giant PUFF!  The wagon jerks and bumps through the field as the kids sit tight barley containing their excitement.

The wagon stops.  Rows and rows of pumpkins as far as the eye can see.  Out of breath and glowing with red rosy cheeks my children proclaimed "I am going to get one bigger than me!"  Fifteen minutes later my son and daughter are struggling with the largest pumpkin they could find.  Flat on one side and bigger than a 3 year old child it is picked up and dropped, tugged on and tripped over but the stem is still in tact...its a keeper.  Beaming with pride my children help me carry it to the wagon and we are on our way back through the bumpy field.

At home they proudly help me outline the face I should cut into their giant pumpkin.  They smile in amusement as they pick through the slimy innards finding the seeds to roast.  "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" plays in the background as we finish the masterpiece.  Beautiful.

My favorite Halloween memories.

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