Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy National Chemistry Week

Yes it is finally here...National Chemistry Week!  I shop and shop all year long for the perfect gift for each of my loved ones.  Decorate the yard with giant molecular models and trim the tree with beakers and ribbon. . .
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No, but seriously it is actually National Chemistry Week and I do love chemistry.  I tutored it in college along with some other subjects and would also balance chemistry equations just for fun (like a crossword puzzle.)  Chemistry was a lot of fun but as a young girl I fell into the trap of that old myth that girls are not good at science.  I allowed myself to be so insecure that I avoided all science related classes and barely made it through the classes that were mandatory and actually I think I failed one.
What an amazing Artist!!!  This wonderful Charcoal Drawing was done by Erika Baez and can be found in ETSY shop ErikaBArt at
When I went to my interview for the Viterbo University I was informed that the Dietetic Course I was requesting was actually a Bachelors in Science and Math.  I was told that not all students make it through etc.  At this point in life I was an older very stubborn non trad student so I replied that I was sure that I would love it (hoping that I wouldn't show the stress on my face that I was truly feeling.)  I was certain that I was better at writing, reading etc. but my family needed me to pursue a degree and my mind was set on didatics.

So, I studied hard, prayed before each test I took and I was happily surprised that I was at top of the class.  I also found that I loved the crazy little experiments in the lab.  Making things spontaneously burst into flames was one of my favorites but more practical things like creating aspirin and running it through the equipment to test the purity was another.  It was a simple start but I fell in love and gained much more confidence.  I went on to take organic chemistry, bio chemistry and more, finding myself at the top in each (of course I had to work at it.) 
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It took the love for my family and the desire for something better for us to get me over the big wall of fear and intimidation.  I hope that young girls will learn from me that chemistry and science is not just for men or tomboys but girls and women can be good at it and enjoy it too.  If I can do it and love it anyone can. (Besides I found out I can't spell or make a correct sentence so that leaves me just math and science.)
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So in honor of Chemistry Week, just like I do for all holidays.... Lets Celebrate With ETSY!!!!!


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