Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Sales

Happy Black Friday!  While I am not big on massive crowds and frenzied shopping (I am more of a online girl) I have to admire the stamina of the die hard Black Friday Shopper.  Last night I witnessed the hardiest of the hardy setting up tents and chairs leaning against the Best Buy in Schaumberg.  It was a chilly (to me freezing) 36 degrees and they had 8 hours longer to wait for that magical moment.  I always wonder what it would take to get me out in the frigged darkness waiting...waiting...waiting...
I have decided that there is nothing, no sale, that could get me to wait that long.  I have never  been very good at waiting for anything and now with the new age of instant gratification via the Internet I opt to do my power shopping online from the comfort of my home sitting in my favorite chair with my favorite PJs and a good cup of Joe.  It is all relevant to the memories and past experience people have had because to me that is a good time.  But I am sure for many it is exciting and festive to brave the masses of people and the elements.  So how ever you celebrate your Black Friday I hope you have a wonderful festive time and are able to find some great deals. 

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