Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cats With Attitude ~ One of Favorite ETSY Artists

     I am not sure if this will be a regular topic for my blog post but I decided that today will be a day to share one of my favorite ETSY artist. Sometimes when I am browsing the items I come across something that I just absolutely love.   It draws me in and I find myself going back to it over and over again.

     The artist that has topped my list would be Maria van Bruggen who has a very cute little shop called Cats With Attitude.   I am drawn this her work, I think, because I am a true cat lover. I have often joked (but think it to be true) that if it wasn't for my husband I would have been the crazy cat lady of our neighborhood. But alas I am living with a very practical man and I am cat-less.

     On one occasion I did have 3 very beautiful and very spoiled furry children. One was black and white, I named him Sox, he was a happy cat but very confused. He thought he was a dog and enjoyed playing fetch as a pastime but was also a very finicky vegetarian. He suffered from terrible allergies to cats and would find himself sneezing uncontrollably when he bathed.

     Number two was a very stuffy and fussy grey cat that would argue that he was not grey but a kind of dark buff blue and that was what made him special. He would often lie lazily in sun beams hoping that the light would catch him just right and I would notice the highlights in his hair.

     The last cat was a bit of a mess and after years of counseling and family support finally overcame bulimia. He became a lanky trim tabby that would shun other cats with eating disorders. He felt that he was superior because he had the strength to overcome his illness and these others just simply lacked his self control. Secretly he loathed that he had to stop eating excessively and was resentful of other less fit cats that had the luxury of eating themselves into oblivion.  He was a bit annoying and needy. All of three of these characters grew up and moved on to live with friends when I moved to Cali.  I will get updates here and there of their latest adventures and how well they are doing.

     I believe that people who successfully depict cats in their art must have or have had lived with one. Cats With Attitude does a wonderful job capturing the hilarious antics that only a cat could pull off or at least dare to try. Their cute whimsical little characters are simply sweet but oh so naughty. I hope you enjoy the little sample of their work as much as I do and stop by their shop, you won't be sorry that you did.

Here are two of Maria's pieces in water color...

This one is her art made into a cute little key chain, L O V E It!

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to stop by and check out the rest of her cute little kitties!

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