Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday David Bowie

David Bowie turns 65 years old today.   Really, good Lord where does the time go?  Granted he is older than I am but I grew up with his music and it just seems like yesterday.

Growing up in the 70's and 80's was a really strange time but maybe it feels the same for all generations and I just noticed mine.   As I was growing up there was such a wide range of changes in things like technology and pop culture it wasn't the same country in 1980 as it was in 1970.  There are so many things that the kids couldn't live without today that were first introduced to the public during my teens.  Things like . . .Satellite dish, heck when I was young many of us still had black and white TVs . . . Cell phones, the phones in our home still had to be connected to the wall and it was a novelty to have a one in any other color than black or ivory . . . Computers, I felt so lucky that our family had a type writer (first one wasn't even electric.)  When these technologies changed so did our pop culture along with how and where we would listen to our music.

I the 70's, aside from a live concert, the radio, record player,  and boom box was where you would listen to your music.  But in the 80's along came satellite TV and MTV!   I was a typical teenage girl so I was obsessed with my music.  I liked rock and blues most and my favorites where David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Blues Brothers, and Alice Cooper but basically I loved all music from that genera. As a boy crazy teenage girl, MTV fed both of my obsessions by not only blasting the music but the images of what it was to be a big haired rock star.  Every boy and girl in my school dressed to look like either a member of Van Halen or The Bangles.

During the 80's, the band's or singer's hair was almost equally as important as whether or not they could sing.  If you didn't have the hair you might as well hang it up.  David Bowie had the hair, the talent, and the rebellious style that we all craved at the time.  Was it really so long ago that I was jammin' to Fame and trying to "rock the house down?"  Yikes! time flies...

Happy Birthday David Bowie and thanks for fulfilling the music needs of a rebellious teenage girl.  I hope you have a great one it was a lot of fun.

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Vincent Nappi said...

Thanks so much for featuring my drawing on your blog, Colleen! Bowie can't be beat!