Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Giveaway Contest - Saffron Whimsy

SaffronWhimsy is filled with many richly colored beautiful pieces of art; it is a must see of ETSY shops.  Store owner, Gaurie ☆, is not only offering a wonderful giveaway now but will be offering them throughout the month of January.  To join in all the fun and get your chance to win, please see the instruction and links following the pictures.  Here are some pictures from that listing:

For more pictures see the actual link to the giveaway.

The directions are below but make sure you follow the link so you can favorite the giveaway.

This wording is a quote from the Etsy Giveaway listing.
✮ Giveaway1:

All you have to do is:
1. "Like" my Facebook page (link given below)
2. Leave a comment there telling me which is your favorite item in my shop!
That's it!

As soon as I reach 50 "Likes", I will use to pick the first winner winner out of the 50.

The second giveaway will be announced there after!

The winner will receive one surprise gift from the the items featured in the above photos! Good Luck! :)

Link to my facebook page:

PS. Please don't purchase this listing! :P
PS2: if you are participating, it would help if you favourited this item, so that I can cross check and be sure I didn't miss your name while picking the winner!       

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