Saturday, January 21, 2012

Who Doesn't Love a Good Rain?

Isn't it funny how it seems the weather will often correlate with your mood or at least how you feel?  As I may have mentioned before I have been battling a wicked cold and have been feeling under the weather, so to honor me and my sniffles Fresno has just developed its first real rain since, I think, since June.  While this may not seem significant to many, it is actually a great development here.

Not only will the rain add to what little reserve we have but it cleans out the air.  I thank God that while my head begins to clear of its enormous pressure the air is clearing also.  I am surprised at how I have become so accustom to having little or no rain.  In the Midwest a rain storm is nothing more than an inconvenience and not thought of more until a barn is lifted off its foundation or a cow flies by.  But I noticed that I ran to the window at the start of this down pour, anxiously wondering if the Japanese garden will be OK.  Really?  A garden having issues with rain? OK?..  I guess I have become a little spoiled with the fair weather here if I am starting to think that this was a true storm. 

In the short time it has taken to write this little post my big worrisome storm has passed by and it is calmly sprinkling again.  I know that friends from the Midwest must be rolling their eyes by now but not to worry I haven't forgotten what real weather is about; I just had a Fresno moment. 

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Elizabeth Graf said...

This is a fresh, beautiful treasury and I am very happy to be included! Thank you! Elizabeth