Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Meet and Greet the Members of the Pacific Postcards Team - The Old Barn Door

Good Monday Morning, it is time for our second Meet and Greet.  As mentioned before the shops that are featured on Mondays are shops that participate in the Pacific Postcards Team on Etsy.  Today's featured teammate is Patricia owner of The Old Barn Door.
Patricia has been a very active member of our team and also has been with the team since its beginning.  She has been very supportive of myself and other teammates which is greatly appreciated.  Patricia's works from her rural home in Canada and has over 500 postcards, along with other ephemera, for your browsing delight.

The Old Barn Door, at,
primarily features vintage and antique postcards from a variety of subjects.  The shop offers a range of pretty holiday cards, linens, street scenes, early Canadian and US souvenir cards, scenic country sides, and many many others:
The Old Barn Door has also started to design their own handmade note cards:
Patricia is quite the busy woman, as you can see from her profile, she not only manages a large shop but she also works full time plus as a farmer.  Her hard work is notable and I am proud to know her as an online friend.

From Patricia's Profile:
"I am a full-time organic farmer so my day starts early and ends late. My time is spent with my animals and large market garden of heirloom vegetables. Hard, but rewarding work and I wouldn't have it any differently. I do however find time to collect goodies and divest myself of extra items from my collection. I have a large collection of vintage postcards, Victorian Trade cards, stamps, covers and postal stationary as well as books and from time to time craft related material. I hope you will enjoy my offerings."  ~Patricia

Please take a minute to stop by The Old Barn Door and browse through the wonderful collection of ephemera that her shop has to offer.


PhreshThreadz said...

Great OBD Treasury!! Love it! Patricia's shop is amazing!! I have spent lots of time going through her collection of post cards, hope many other people will take the time to do the same!

DarkRide said...

Great feature!

Jensdreamdecor said...

lovely lady, lovely shop!

Katrina said...

Fantastic post! Having grown up on a farm I can appreciate the long hours and hard work. Congrats on the feature!

bstudio said...

I love looking through Patricia's shop, her collection is amazing!

Unknown said...

great feature! I've always loved Patricia's selection of old postcards, but I am totally in love with her notecard collection of farm lovelies!

VintagenutsInc said...

Patricia has a wonderful shop that is just as rich in character as she is :)

Littlebearsmom said...

What a great close up with a wonderful seller! We love her on the OhCanadaTeam too :)